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Diff Whack Daddys Wristed Arms

Diff Whack Daddy

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February 19, 1999
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I'm catvhing up to you Rick, all I have to do is intall all these dams parts. Wristed radius arms are on back order but already paid for. Look oyt ramp, here comes DWD.

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Wristed arns

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Check out the link above for the radius arms that are on order.

Holy crap, those Twister arms are expensive. What benefit, besides cool factor, do you see over buying an old radius arm and fabbing the wrist yourself? I've seen homemade wristed arms on an EB ramping 1300 and a Nissan Pathfinder ramping 1200! And the procedure is quite simple...

DWD - when are we going to meet up for a Pacific Northwest run?


ps. The half doors look great, but not so functional in Vancouver, where is rain 100 + days a year!

I found a guy here in WA who makes them and picked one up for $275. Much better than the other price, but not as fancy and they provide the same function. Being that I am on blocks right now with the front end tore apart, it might be a while before I am up for another run.

Damn look at this guys drive shaft, that cant be healthy

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That is where onetoncv comes in and supplies you with a driveshaft that will take the abuse! www.highangledriveline.com

Lance runs em front and rear I think. Dead Link Removed

His driveline has taken the abuse so far. He gets it AWN too!

Whack Daddy, Do you have a solid axle up front or will you be using these radius arms with the ttb?

He's solid. They won't work with TTB.