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www.autodash.com (Dash Kits)

I tried to become a member, but I never got the sticker, and it seemed a bit disorganized, and now the site is down. Is ECX still aorund?

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Well, as far as i know ... yes
Ryan has been away at school so he hasnt been able to do much. He's home now so things should be rollin. Contact yob_yeknom for a sticker. He'll get you one. As far the website, who the hell knows.

got it!!! Heres a pic of the kit... can we say weekend project..??? :D


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Holy crap! That's a lot of pieces. I'll say that's a weekend. Can't wait to see it done.

The only thing im worried about is the piece that goes above the drivers console... around the speedo, tach, etc... Cause it looks like i am going to have to really work it in. theres no room between the border trim and the dash... but we'll see.

Is everything in there flat? So does that mean you press it to conture (sp?) it yourself, if you do is it cut so that when you mold it it doesn't pull away from the other side (does that make sense? ex on around the speeedo you press a corner in then the side not yet attached will bent that direction) How will that cupholder fit Hmmm? Oh yeah I have a 94 so it is like you dash too I think and how are you planning on that piece over the top of the speedo, I too notices there is no "real" room between the dash and border, very small, much smaller than that piece looks. Keep us updated, I'm real interested.

yea i have the same question is every piece in that kit flat and just mold it to whats already there or is it an actuall kit that you have to install

You put it over whats there.. i think im going to have to cut some of this kit.. cause i cant use the a portion of the piece tha goes around the border over the speedo.. its rounded and in one piece... i dont konw.. i will have to see.. i really dont want to have to cut it!!! but i think im going to have to.. Everything else looks easy excelt that piece!!!

Do ya still mold it bc I know that everything isn't flat? The edges where the plates come to, will they leave a gap between the edge and the dash if so fill it with 3m or something? (curious what the instructions say) Hopefully we can see some pics of the install. Looks Sweet though!

Post pics and a description of how the instal went. I think it will look great.



man, can't wait to see how that looks on the X, have you started yet or are ya waiting until the weekend? I'm definatly thinking of getting the molded kit from them for the 97, but only after I paint my interior.

Good thing you got a long one :)

I'm taking one hell of a weekend, begining in, say about an hour, I'll take a half day today, all day tomorrow off, and the whole exteneded weekend. Where am I going you might ask? My driveway, for a weekend of work to the truck. Screw the Carribian. When I've got parts to put on and lots of polishing to do, I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else.

I've got the sweet weekend too. off fri,sat,sun,mon,tues, and wed.


Hey Chucky D, I stopped in the parking lot today to see if you had done the aluminum trim and it looks fantastic. I like how it modernizes it all, I can't wait to get that done for myself.

Hey info info info!!!!!
Flat to fab huh? what about that piece over the console? edges of it, sharp or 3M or what? any bending for molding, if so does it pull away from the other side? info please

Some are flush depends on the piece.. over the console was fits fine ... not sharp. Comes with sticky crap on the back, have to clean with Alcohol first then another sponge aplicator thing wait for it to dry then put it on. Around the vents it required some bending but make sure the kit is hot... leave it in the sun. So far its only pulling on one vents. Other then that its great, just a little adjustment in terms of looks.

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Thanks.. Das
I guess you saw that i am taking summer classes... LOL
What time do you get in in the morning???

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