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www.autodash.com (Dash Kits)

Any pics?How did that piece fit over the console? Pics and a write up would be cool, or just pics. I am thinking about doing this, I might try to make my own but probably not as many pieces as you have.

Sorry just saw the link!

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Well I'm supposed to get in at 9am, but useally don't get there 'till 9:30 - 10. Today I skipped out early and tried to catch you in the parking lot, but you had already left. My friend Lev now knows your truck 'cause I pointed it out thought he saw you driving down the Grand Central today, but he could be wrong.

Aiight, just finished puttin' on the X spec swaybars and am exhausted......
..end transmission..

Nope, no grand central for me.

He lets us out at 10:30 exactly... Hope to actually catch you one of these days... lol

What time do you go looking for me?

I useally look around 10am and today I looked at 10:45, must have just missed ya. That parking lot is between my office and the school of comm, so I'm always walking though there.

which set would go well with a tan interior