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XM radio antenna?


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October 26, 2004
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Worcester, MA
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98 Eddie Bauer
I am running the Xm radio antenna out to the rear hatch but i don't know how to run it out to the roof. Any ideas?

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I dont know about for the rear hatch but I ran ,y anttena out the passanger side door (behind the trim next to the dash) and out to the windshield and under the rubber trim around the windshield to the middle of the roof right above the windshield so that no wires are exposed. Cause I was worried about people cutting it. hope this helps.

I ran mine under the head liner and out the back. When I got to the seal I made a small slit in the gasket and slid the wire through. No pinch, no leak. :)

Here is the wire going through the seal ( gasket )

And here is the end result. The wing makes it cool so that you can even tell the antenna is up there.

Mine is similar to Kevin's; works great and no leaks.

I did the exact same thing aldive and MONMIX did, no leaks either. If you're worried about leaks, a little silicone does wonders.

i just ran mine from the radio (my xm receiver sits right under my head unit) through the dash, out the fuse box door, and then stuck it right in the corner on top of my dash. that way its inside and i dont have to worry about people messing with it. works great btw