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Yet another lift question...

Sorry for asking this question thats probably been answered, but in the lift and max tire size thread for a 3in body lift and a 1-2 suspension lift, it says you can use 33x12.5 on 15x8, and you may need to do minor fender trimming, but in another thread, it says with a 3in body lift and a 1-2 suspension lift, you can fit 33x12.5 on 15x8 just fine, and you can put on 35x12.5 on 15x8 with just minor fender trimming. I was going to do a 3-3.5 in body lift and a tt and lift the back 2 in with new shackels, si will i be able to fit the 35x12.5 with no fender trimming? I dont want to have to cut up my explorer. Could i use 15x10 wheels? so my tires dont look like donuts :p So... what should i do?!? I'm a little confused.

Heres the wheel $52.50 (15x10):

Heres the tire $126.56 (33x12.5):

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to fit 35's you will need to do quite a bit of trimming. there is no 3.5" body lift made, so the only thing you can do is the 3"bl and the tt/war153's to get 5" of lift. 33's may require trimming, it all depends on the truck, as they are all diffrent.

You will need to do some trimming on the fenders & quarter panels to fit 35s.. Doing a 4" superlift and maybe doing a 2" TT in addition plus the 3" body lift will require fender trimming. Not sure if doing both the 4" superlift & 2" tt will make it so that you don't have to trim the fenders.

i'm making the body lift,
you can make them out of those heavy duty rollers for boat trailers and use the right diameter grade-a bolts, it only costs around $25 total. anyway, i was planning on using 33's

Yeah 35's would be major trimming. A guy from my school went that way with 33's and had to trim some. Like Blee said, the 4" superlift and 2" TT would run 33's fine and adding a 3" body to that would run 35's. I don't know about making the body lift, hope you know what you're doing.

How much backspacing do i need to use 15x10 in. wheels??

with 15x 10 and a 3 inch body and tt you still may verry well need to trim for 33's. Kinda depends on how much you get from your TT. sometimes you only get an inch or so.

stick with 15x8 rims and with 3.75 to 4 inch backspacing and you probably wont have to trim much at all


dont make your own bl

3" is the highest to go... you will run into other problems liek e brake extension cable, also you will need to modify your existing shift cables and may need to replace the steering shaft with a custom one.... please dont make your own..... there is much involved that most people dont even think about and the premade kits already have a solution incorporated for that

I just did a PA 3" lift with coil spacers up front and shackles and the AAL in the back. That gave me about 5" of lift. I put some 33" Procomp Allterains on and had to do some minor trimming to the inner fender well.