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Zoose's 2002 Explorer Sport

Bought this baby about two months ago. Just now got some good pics after a wax job. 2002 Explorer Sport. Island blue. Just hit 70,000 today. Clean inside and out. Just got the windows tinted last week, waiting for a nice day to take pics of that. From southeast Michigan.





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nice sport u got there

Hit up RIPT on eBay or here on the forum- they sell recover kits for your armrest. :thumbsup:

ur sport is in better shape then mine. mine needs some work done to it like i need to get new arm rest and new passenger seat and rear passenger window latch and some other stuff.

i dont have any new pics of it but i got old pics of if u wanna see it. The pics r like from 5 yrs ago i need to get new ones up eventually.


Any mods you thinking about doing?
I've got an 02 sport as well, thinking about a 3 inch Body lift, and throwing on some larger tires.

is your's 4x4 as well?

Thanks guys. And yes! I was going to take my armrest off and give it to the car upholstery shop next to my work, but it'd probably cost an arm and a leg.

It is 4x4, but I didn't really want to raise it just because of the fact of these models being super top heavy.

My next mod is probably just a Flowmaster muffler, aftermarket radio, & painting the grey trim to match the black mirrors.