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  1. C

    Intermittent Oil Pressure [4.6]

    I haven't posted in a while. I have a 2004 EB 2WD Explorer with a 4.6L engine. I love it, but it's getting a lot of miles and has some issues. I'm in Upstate NY, but the truck is from GA, so no rust. Anyway, I was driving about a month ago and noticed some unhappy lifter noise. I looked at...
  2. E

    Wiring diagram 2004 XLT

    Hey guys. I'm in search of a wiring diagram for my 04 XLT and to be more specific i need it related to instrument cluster. I did find someone that had posted for an 02-03 model year so I took it out to my beast and the color codes were not the same. I will try to post the one I found as a...
  3. E

    Exploding with questions- hellerrr?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum here and I need dome serious help with with my wife's explorer. Just like many of you, I'm an at home mr fix it. I've not been able to locate much help thru my side chick google. Very dissapointed. I have a 2004 explorer xlt my temp, tach and Speedo gauges went out...
  4. C

    I Hit A Deer: Questions About Rebuilding

    Last fall, I was threading the needle over and over and it seemed like the deer were on a suicide mission. Finally, my luck ran out. I added comprehensive to my Insurance policy a day late and a buck short. A trophy buck. Right at the begining of the hunting season, I hit a very beautiful...
  5. D

    04 Explorer passenger side mirror stopped working

    My 04 Explorer's passenger side mirror stopped working the other day. This is what I have done so far: -Ordered new mirror. Plugged in. Puddle light comes on. Power adjustment does not work -Ordered new switch. Nothing -Confirmed new mirror works by plugging into passenger side. -voltage tested...
  6. A

    2004 XLS low beams not working - please help

    Hi All, So I have a 2004 Explorer XLS 4.0L. My wife drove home last week from work later then usual (dusk), and as she pulled up to the house I noticed that only the parking lights were on (had driven it two nights earlier with no issues). I started investigating the issue. The parking and high...
  7. W

    swapping a 2004 explorer transmission in a 2003

    I posted this on an explorer FB page already, but I figured I'd get some more recommendations here. I have a 03 4.0 4x4 that the OD band broke and shot metal through the transmission. I was originally planning on rebuilding it myself, but would rather swap in a good trans and save a lot of time...
  8. B

    2004 Leak

    Alright so, my 2004 is leaking coolant right below the rear passenger door and it looks like its coming from a black bracket that I can't see how to remove, or replace. Is rerouting the rear coolant lines back to the front and option? Or what should I do
  9. C

    2004 Explorer hatch swap

    I have an 04 Explorer Limited, the rear piece on the hatch just cracked down the middle. I was wondering if a hatch from an 06-10 Explorer would work? I mean I know it will bolt on, but what about the latch and power lock? I know I can just replace the panel on the one now, but I was just...
  10. T

    Bank 2 sensor 1 pissing me off. HELP

    2004 4.6 how do I get the damn sensor unplugged and off? It’s in a tight space, and the tab is on top which I think was an asshole thing to do by Ford. I can’t mash it, my 9 year old daughter can’t even get her hand in to push the tab. Do I just break that rubber mount? Or is there a way to get...
  11. J

    Sterio won't turn off (or function)!

    Hi All, This is a head-scratcher. The short story is the sterio in my 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer is displaying "Phone" and the only way to shut it off is disconnect the power (I have no idea why it's displaying Phone because it doesn't have a phone interface). It won't function at all or...
  12. 2

    Getting great MPG over 200K miles

    Hello I have a 2004 4.6 explorer with a little over 200K on it. Currently getting around 20 mpg at 70mph cruise control and wanted to see if anyone has any tips on getting a few more miles to the gallon. I use Mobil 1 high mileage, just changed front and rear diff fluid, transfer case fluid, air...
  13. S

    5R55S slow engagement after fluid and filter service

    The transmission had no problems before servicing. After servicing, it is slow to engage after coming to a stop or coasting down to a lower gear, there is a delay engaging. After stopping it needs to hit 1800 rpm to engage and does so harder than normal. You can bring the rpms up slowly to about...
  14. H

    New to forum, not new to Ford or to Explorer

    Hi Folks, I have a 2004 Explorer XLT, purchased in 2004, which will turn over 250K miles in the next few months. Other than needing to replace the rear differential a few years ago, the XLT has been very reliable. At this point in my life, with retirement about three years away, my plan is to...
  15. R

    Torque Specs Intake Manifold and Spark plugs

    2004 v6 4.0 SOHC (EBauer Trim). Searching for consistent info on what the torque specs for the upper intake manifold eight bolts are. The CD guide that I have has conflicting info, as the bolts shown are the Isolator bolts (9S479), but not the long threaded end bolts that are used to hold the...
  16. D

    2004 Explorer XLT Squeaking, need help.

    So I cannot get my 2004 Ford Explorer XLT to stop an engine squeak. So far I have changed my belt 2x, changed my Idler Pulley, and now changed out my Tensioner pulley and the tensioner arm. I'm stuck don't know what else to look at for the squeak. I'm attaching a video of the sound and I'm...
  17. Mr_Fruffles

    For Sale 2004 Ford Explorer XLT V6 4WD 130k miles 2nd owner (Denver)

    For sale in Denver Colorado. Clean and Clear Title 2nd Owner 130K Miles Comes with a digital repair manual. New all terrain tires put on at 116K miles and are warrantied for 50k miles. Does not come with the snowboard rack/lightbar 2 Keys, remote entry, door code entry, third row seats...
  18. N

    Explorer 2004 4.0 XLT - Diagnostic Trouble Code E013

    Hi I switched my 2004 XLT Explorer's instrument cluster into diagnostic mode to monitor my coolant temp on a long hill climb towing my boat. Scrolling round the options, I spotted that the DTC section was showing an error E013 which remained after a stop/start cycle. At home I plugged in my...
  19. C

    Transmission swap - 03 into an 04

    Hoping someone here can answer this. I have 2 Explorer XLT 4.0l The 03 spun a crank bearing, the 04 has trans issues. She slips when thrown in reverse, and locks up in forward. On the BAD advice of a relative "trans guy" I put a new torque converter in and the results were the same. So My...
  20. B

    My 2004 Explorer Project

    Hey Guys...I am a new member to the forum only picked this truck up 2-3 months ago So i just wanted to share my progress on it as i go...I am only a 17 year old kid so kind of a budget build here have done some work just need to get some pictures and ill post them some things that were...
  21. P

    3rd gen transfer case removal how to

    I couldn't find Anything on the 3rd Gen. Transfer case removals. Or the Borg Warner 4411. So I made a quick video as i was doing mine. hopefully this helps somebody.:burnout:
  22. B

    2004 explorer xlt

    Hey I just bought this 2004 explorer and it's stock I was wondering what I could do to it such as tires and headlights to make it look more aesthetic. I plan on getting a 3" body lift and the car is black. I also don't plan on killing my wallet lol. Thanks
  23. Number4

    2003-2005 4.6l Intake Manifold New Number

    FYI Dorman now makes an intake manifold for the 03-05 4.6l. The 02 version being 615-175. The new version is 615-775.
  24. J

    2004 Ford Explorer Limited Middle Console Swap to Seat

    Hey guys, new to this forum. I've had the middle console removed from my explorer for a couple years now, and all that remains is the mounting bracket over a hole in the carpeting. It doesn't look very neat, but it's not the worst thing in the world. Anyways, I've been digging around the...
  25. tjtheman007

    How to: 04+ Sport Trac Fog Light Mod (Stays on W/ High Beams)

    Fog lights stay on when brights/high beams are engaged. **Do this mod at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you mess something up or violate any laws with performing this mod.** First, verify your fog light relay location. (Refer to owners manual.) The pictures used here are on my 04...