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2013 explorer

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    Just got a 2013 XLT AWD

    My wife and i just bought a 2013 XLT with AWD 3.5l with 77,000 miles and was wondering what everyone who had this year thought ? Where they reliable ? Did you enjoy them ? I can take it back within 7 days and get my money back so im curious as to what people say.
  2. K

    2013 Explorer XLT Pulling the right after New Struts/Sway bar links and Alignment

    Hey all, I have a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT and its pulling pretty bad to the right under acceleration and bumps as well as being pulled right when the road has more of an angle to it. I just had an alignment after replacing the Struts. The sway bar links were swapped out and I had my local shop...
  3. B

    Lost Clamp/Flange?

    My wife drove over a railroad crossing and I'm guessing lost a clamp or flange connecting the intermediate exhaust pipe. It's a 2013 base with the 3.5 and AWD. It looks like a simple fix but I'm not sure what kind of clamp/flange I should be installing here. I'm hoping that's all it needs. Any...
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    Well dang! It happened.

    So I was gone for a bit, the wife got a recall letter for my ol' 2013 interceptor, thought she was going to do me a favor and took it in... Dealership took all my fun away, re-tuned, changed out my heavy duty equipment and Neutered it. Runs like a Limp noodle now... Anyone know what the...
  5. L

    Hesitating when accelerating 13' explorer xlt 3.5 FWD

    Usually occurs between 1st 2nd & 3rd gear and if I really push on it, it down shifts just fine and the acceleration issue goes away (needless to say I dont feel I have full power still) I've considered and completed a few theories. Including transmission fluid, spark plugs, (vehicle currently...
  6. N

    2013 Limited Subwoofer Wiring

    Hello all! This is my first time posting on the forum. I have a question regarding some wiring with my LOC and amplifier I will be installing soon. I am installing an aftermarket 12 inch subwoofer and amplifier. I have the 2013 Limited model with the Sony sound system, and the subwoofer and...
  7. J

    2013 explorer XLT front caliper suspension bushings

    I'm about to replace front rotors and pads on my 2013 Explorer XLT with towing package (3.5L). I keep seeing the guide pin boot kit with 2 front caliper suspension bushings included (ex. Advance Auto Parts - Down for Maintenance). I'm wondering how to remove the boots and where these bushings go.
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    2013 Explorer radio turns on, but no sound

    I have a 2013 Ford Explorer, my husband installed a remote start but it wouldn't work with our key fobs. Got a new key fob and can't get it to program. Now, my radio will turn on but there is NO sound. I have sound while playing a CD, using Bluetooth, using my phone and anything else that makes...
  9. A

    Solved Comparing LED bulb to my old Halogen bulb - Explorer 2013

    Since we all know that Explorers have very poor yellowish Halogen headlights, I decided to change them and install HID. the thing is I do have my DRL enabled in both of my headlights, and installing HID will require me to disable my DRLs, either with Forscan or by heading to the dealer. so...
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    New to this site, but already excited...

    Hi fellow member, I am glad I found this forum. I expect to be able to contribute to the site as well as to meet new people, and exchange information and ideas. I recently bought a 2013 Explorer XLT which I converted to use for protection/escorts, as well as a mobile emergency office. I'll be...
  11. B

    Odd brake noise.

    I have a 2013 explorer with 80k mi. I have only owned it about 2 months. I work on older cars and my ears are always tuned to unusual noises. I recently noticed a strange brake noise after driving in the city for a few hours. At first the noise was when I released the brake and now it seems...
  12. K

    2013 Explorer Grill replacing.

    I tried replacing my grill to a black one I bought but couldn't get the grill off. I saw one post about how a guy did it but its not super clear how he removed it. I took off everything on top "super easy" then I tried figuring out how to do the rest. Does anyone know where or how I can find...
  13. G

    Installing Backup Camera and 8" Screen in my 2013 Explorer - Is it possible?

    Hi, I purchased a 2013 Explorer a few years ago and did not opt for the backup camera and 8" screen. Is it possible to have this done aftermarket, if so will a Ford Dealership do it or do I need to go to an aftermarket auto accessory store? I would prefer to do this over selling purchasing a...
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    Backup Camera For a 2013 Base Model Explorer

    I am looking to add a backup camera to a 2013 Ford Explorer (Base). I understand that there are plenty of options out there. But my questions and project is kind of different. The dash/radio screen on my 2013 explorer is exactly like the one I have on my 2015 Ford escape wich is Ford Sync. The...
  15. P

    2013 Explorer Limited difficult start after refueling

    Hello, My '13 Ex Ltd (37k miles) recently developed an interesting problem. After refueling the vehicle, it is difficult to get it to start. After pushing the start button, the engine will crank for about 8-10 seconds before finally starting, and the Check Engine light is on. Between...
  16. K

    Keyless Entry (Securicode) Door Pad Not working

    SECURICODE keypad has never worked! I bought at 2013 Explorer in August of 2012 and from my first attempt to use the keypad code on the door it never worked. Since then time has gone by, life has been busy, I never took it in to get looked at, and now here I am out of warranty and it is still...
  17. A

    2013 Fog Lights

    Hi, I am new and have a question about the fog lights. The only way I can turn my fog lights on is to push the button when the headlights are turned on. Is there a way to have the fog lights come on automatically when the headlights are turned on?
  18. B

    Problem with 2013 Explorer sync

    I have had my car for a few months. All of a sudden my electrical via sync is acting crazy. My contacts only download sometimes, the clock changes randomly, the Blue Tooth Stereo doesn't recognize my phone even though it is trying to correct to the phone that is attached for "phone". The SC...
  19. R

    2013 Ford Explorer Limited Fuel Leak

    Bought my new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited in January 2013. I know the car is not broken in but every since I've received it, no matter how it was driven it gave me 14.2 mpg. Now it is April 2013 and I am starting to smell fuel leaking somewhere. I've taken it to the local ford dealership and...
  20. P

    2013 Foird Explorer Update

    I recently completed the new update on my 2013 Ford Explorer Limited, using the download from the website. I also installed the new A4 update for the navigation. But I get noticed you can not change the volume now, either from the steering wheel or manually using the knob. Has anyone done...
  21. L

    Initial Review-2013 EX Sport

    First, a little about my background: neurotic perfectionist. Previously driving a 2004 Cayenne, 2001 911 and 1991 BMW 318is (still own). My Sport finally arrived yesterday. A shout-out to my dealer who, unlike what others have experienced with their dealers, kept me posted from August through...
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    2013 explorer xlt white or limited black

    Hey all, looking at picking up 2103 awesome vehicle. I'm split between a plat white xlt with 2nd row bucket seats and centre console or a limited black metallic with 2nd row bench. All the options are pretty much the same. Limited has the upgrade obviously but the bench is one feature that is...
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    Ordered 2013 Ford Explorer XLT

    hi everyone! My husband and I currently have a 2011 Ford Edge SEL which we LOVED! But needed more room, so that's where the explorer came in. We ordered it at the end of August and I have been calling and texting my sales guy and still no VIN yet!! They originally gave me a timeline of 4-6...
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    New Explorer = New Member

    Ok so Boris, my 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, served me well. After 200k miles, it is time he retire. On June 29th, 2012, I ordered a Kodiak Brown XLT 4wd Explorer. While I don't have it yet, I figured I might as well get to know some folks around here. If ownership of the yet to be named...
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    2013 Navigation Issue

    Sorry if this has been asked, I tried a search and didn't find anything. We just purchased a 2013 Ford Explorer. It did not have the Navigation or Remote Start included. The dealer adv us that we could purchase both from them. So we did, they got the Remote start set up (which is just a new set...