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  1. R

    Passenger side ac not working

    I have a 2006 Ford explorer with automatic dual zone climate control. Even when the dual zone is off the passenger side vents blow out hot air and the driver side blows out cold air. Im pretty sure it is a blend door actuator and was wondering which of the 4 actuators it was.
  2. C

    Identify this actuator/lever?

    Hey! So I have an issue where my vehicle is stuck on the *vents* only. Not defrost, or the feet vents, or anything like that. Today I tore apart my dash to see further. The common plastic piece visible from the glove box is of course snapped, and the previous owner drilled a hole to keep it in...
  3. R

    Blend door actuator

    I'm trying to replace the blend door actuator in my truck. The AC is good but it doesn't have heat and makes the "famous" clicking. My problem is, today I've tried to install 2 new actuators, both have started smoking within a few seconds. I'm completely lost over what in the world is going on...
  4. R

    04 Explorer NBX actuator, air door or drain?

    Hello all! Ive read a ton of posts and am now thoroughly confused, I’m hoping somebody can help me. I have recently inherited my mothers beloved 2004 Ford Explorer NBX...with an a/c issue. During the summer the only way to get interior cold is to be on Max AC at level four. It seems as...
  5. E

    Front Diff Disco Actuator...Baffled!

    Hello. First of all, this is my first post here...seriously, the knowledge you guys have has gotten me through most of my repair question. My apologies in advance...This is gonna be a long, but an issue I've been having since January has taken me on a wild ride, and today just got stranger...
  6. S

    A/C coming warm from driver side vents

    Hello fellas, I have an issue with my A/C had it delivered on the dealership to troubleshoot and they found nothing. Just today I noticed that the air blows cold on the passenger side but on the driver side is barely cold. (Now I know why my friends got cold really quickly). The air blows...
  7. M

    2003 Explorer not blowing heat

    Hi all. First post here. I have an 03 explorer eddie bauer. 4.0L. I have absolutely no heat. I've removed the driver side actuator and am currently changing the flap manually. I can hear that it's going back and forth all the way. I have checked all the vacuum lines and they seem to be...
  8. T

    Electrical issue with blend door actuator or EATC

    I have a 97 Eddie Bauer Explorer with EATC. Periodically, the blend door does not respond to the electronic temperature control, but if I reset the system by temporarily disconnecting power from the battery, everything works fine for awhile. Here's some additional background: I replaced the...
  9. E

    Potential actuator problem...?

    Hi All, I was driving dow the interstate recently and heard a loud "snap" noise in the area of my radio (center of the car in the dash) and now the air only comes out the defrost vents no matter what the setting (I get some light trickle through the vents that blow on passengers). I am thinking...
  10. B

    Blend Door Actuator Question

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on the forums so please excuse me for any problems. My 2003 Explorer XLT recently experienced the dreaded clicking noise when attempting to get heat from the HVAC system. Luckily, the shop was able to push back the blend door lever (passenger side in glove...
  11. M

    '92 XLT starts and runs great UNTIL YOU RELEASE THE KEY

    My 1992 Ford Explorer XLT (4.0L V6, automatic, tilt wheel) starts and runs, but when the key is released and springs back to "run" position, the engine dies. While holding the key between "start" and "run", the engine runs but the electrics (blower motor, wipers) don't work. I replaced...
  12. J

    Replacing the Rear Actuator

    Hello everyone. This is my first post and I need some assistance replacing the rear actuator on my 2005 Ford Explorer. I have the infamous clicking noise coming from the back along with no heat blowing. The cold air works well enough but absoulutly no heat makes it to the back. I've seen...
  13. The blend door actuator plug.

    The blend door actuator plug.

  14. The blend door actuator is removed.

    The blend door actuator is removed.

  15. The blend door actuator is installed.

    The blend door actuator is installed.

  16. 2004 Taurus blend door actuator.

    2004 Taurus blend door actuator.

  17. wood1

    2000 Tracker front diff issue

    I put this thread in the Zuke forum because I don't believe Chev made any of this thing really. Anyway, 2000 Chev Tracker 4dr, 4wd, 5 speed 130,000 kms. 4 wheel drive hasn't worked for a short time, I hadn't had the time to figure out why but today I noticed that while driving in 2wd there...
  18. S

    A/C problems on a 1997 Explorer with electric climate control.

    We bought this Explorer new and it has been very well maintained. No accidents, no major problems. For the last three years the AC hasnt worked correctly, barely cooling a full refrigerant charge. The heat would only work when it wants to, and only if the temp is on 65, nothing else, it works...
  19. P

    2003 Explorer blend door actuator.

    Jumped into my Explorer yesterday and didn't have any heat. AC works great but when I put the dial to heat it blows cold air. I don't have any clicking noises so I'm not sure if it's the Actuator or not. Any ideas? I've done some more diagnosis and the heater line going into the fire wall is...
  20. E

    UK Explorer 2000 central locking problems.

    My first post so I dont know if I have done it correct here goes. The central locking seems very weak it does lock/unlock but I have to press the remote a few times each time I can here the actuators working but they dont seem to have enough power to open the locks. I dont mind so much...
  21. D

    Need heat/blend door/actuator opinions!

    Okay this is about my moms 01 eddie bauer . Symptoms: Her heat will start warm but will gradually lose temp. She has to increase to max heat to stay warm, but that too fades. I read how to check the actuator, but i dont believe thats the culprit. No clicking and she initially has heat...
  22. E

    clarification of blend dorr and actuator

    first my problem with my 2002 xplorer. my blower motor fan speed control would only work when on the #4 setting and the air only comes out of the vent. I replaced the blower motor resistor and that has fixes the blower motor fan speeds. Now I'm researching the forum for the fix for the air only...
  23. P

    what is this thing?

    So, i'm no car guy and I seem to have messed something up under the hood. I'm not sure what this part is, so I was hoping you guys could identify it, and tell me how bad this really is. The threads on the bracket are messed up, so the bolt won't go through. Instead, i used a wire hanger...