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first gen explorer

  1. R

    How to remove back seat on first gen??

    Hey everyone hope ya'll are having a great day!. I was wondering how to remove the back seat on my 93 xlt because I'm gonna be replacing the carpet and also cutting a access panel for the fuel pump
  2. R

    HELP!!!! 1993 Ford Explorer timing chain cover leaking coolant into engine

    I noticed about a week ago that my 93 explorer 4.0 OHV was leaking antifreeze from the timing chain gasket it was a external leak then but now it's leaking into the engine and I got a little froth on the dipstick but now it's not showing anything I won't be running the truck until this is fixed...
  3. R

    HELP! Why does temperature gauge go up to normal than come down to a little above cold?

    Hey everyone so I was wondering why the temperature gauge on my 1993 Ford Explorer 4.0L 4wd xlt goes to the middle of the gauge aka operating temperature then it goes back down to above cold? I just put a 3rd coolant temperature sending unit it 30 minutes ago because it was fluctuating between...
  4. R

    HELP!!! 1993 Ford explorer fluctuating temperature gauge again

    Hey everyone my 1993 Ford explorers temp gauge is fluctuating again I put a water pump radiator radiator cap lower and upper radiator hoses and a new Motor craft thermostat on as well as a new overflow tank it's full of coolant and a new temperature sending and the coolant is bright green and...
  5. Kiliona

    Cummins First Gen Build Thread (no really)

    Hello Everyone! I’ve been a member of this forum for a long time – apparently since 2013. However, in recent years I haven’t been spending as much time here unfortunately due to neglecting my exploder. Well the exploder is back and its finally time for me to post a build thread! Most...
  6. M

    Just Bought - Couple questions

    Just bought a 1991 Ford Explorer this afternoon. I'm in college, senior year and wanted to get something that could handle itself on the trails and also be reliable. Almost bought an 89 Bronco, glad I did not. Excited to begin the work shortly!! 173k miles. Eddie Bauer trim. 4.0L V6 Engine...
  7. M

    Girl Starting 1st Off Road Project

    Hey Everyone!! I'm new to this forum as I just purchased a 1992 Ford Explorer as a prospect off road project!! I am pretty new to the car world so the more advice and simplified explanations the better. (I also LOVE tagged videos! As I am a very visual learner). After reading through many of...
  8. B

    Correct MAF adapter size for cone filter? And hunting down the aftermarket headlight assemblies

    This is a two part inquiry: 1) What is the correct size for the MAF adapter/filter thing needed to attach a cone filter? I've searched other threads but most of the links to parts are dead so hoping someone can enlighten me here. 2) Anyone had luck tracking down aftermarket explorer headlight...
  9. G

    Blue Powered parts feed for 1991-1994 Ford Explorer

    Thank you members for your feedback and support! All new additions, updates, and promotions will be posted here for the 1991-1994 Ford Explorer. Here is the direct link to the parts page: Ford Explorer 1991-1994 Parts Additions: Air Filter Alternator Coolant Temperature Sensor Fuel...
  10. G

    ExplorerForum vendor needs your voice! (1991-1994 Explorer)

    Hello! We are constantly building our 1991-1994 Explorer category for the family business www.blue-powered.com. Aside from filling our online parts list with maintenance parts, what else do you guys need? We are open to any suggestions of common parts that should be carried. Please post here or...
  11. N

    A4LD troubles

    Hello all first time on here any help would be appreciated. Recently was given a 94 Eddie Bauer for free because the transmission has issues, here is what it does. Basically it is stuck in drive or one of the forward gears. Any position you put the leaver it still moves forward no neutral or...
  12. O

    Raining Explorer - Garage drops Explorer off lift

    I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am always loath to climb under a jacked-up truck on a city street - you just never know… Consequently, I occasionally visit a mechanic for work that I would ordinarily do myself. On this particular occasion, we needed a routine starter replacement. The mechanic...
  13. Kiliona

    1992 Explorer, 1996/7 Mustang, anything interchangeable?

    I have a manual 1992 explorer AND in my garage I have two SN95 manual mustang GTs (1996 and 1997, the 96 has a smashed front end and all it's goodies are destined to go into the 97) After all the good bits get thrown together to make my project stang, i'll have PLENTY of stuff left...