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fuel pump

  1. S

    New and need serious advice 2000 ford explorer fuel pump starter wire or what?

    Hi, I'm a 48 year old mother who has a 2000 Ford Explorer limited. V6. I bought it just under a year ago. It was someone's vacation car. Low miles, black with black windows. I just love it. I feel so comfortable in it. It has never given me trouble. I have a man who I cannot trust, which is why...
  2. T

    2006 Ford Explorer 4.0 Fuel Pump Wiring Issue

    I recently replaced the Fuel Pump in a 2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0. It ran briefly and then the fuel pump stopped coming on when I turn on the key - no sound / no start. I replaced the Fuel Pump Driver Module and that seemed to do it for a day then once again a no start - could not get the...
  3. A

    Fuel Pump Replacement

    So my fuel pump has been screaming and wining to be replaced for awhile now and it’s time to do it. I will be dropping the tank not making an access hatch and I do know the basics just from videos and watching people but specifics with this truck no. Just know it’s a rust bucket and I would like...
  4. A

    Is this rod knock?

    Ok I have absolutely zero clue what this is. It literally just started like 10 minutes ago. Sorry for the very short clip but that’s what was allowed to send. Btw the clip of me walking is what it usually sounds like. Some context though. I have to replace my tensioner and fuel pump. So it could...
  5. A

    1999 Explorer Fuel Pump

    Unfortunately it’s fuel pump time. I pretty much know how to do fuel pumps but I’ve never done it on my own truck. Anything I should look out for in particular? I know that lock ring thing on top of the pump assembly is most definitely going to be rusted beyond belief is there anything I can do...
  6. K

    inertia switch

    Car cranks but no start, when i turn ignition on there is no fuel pump prime noise. I checked fuel pump relay and other fuses it all works fine. No power coming to inertia switch thats why no power to fuel pump. I checked fuel pump relay pin which gives signal to inertia switch, it works fine...
  7. M

    Fuel related issue

    99 Eddie Bauer with 4.0 SOHC - 220xxx miles. For about a week now, it acts like its not getting fuel. It will start & run in the morning, but as soon as it gets hot, it dies. And won't start up again until it cools off. It also likes to die at idle, and sputter and backfire. When it does run, it...
  8. A

    SOLVED - No fuel pumping!

    I recently purchased a 2002 Sport Trac as a project. It had sat for some time and could not start. I knew I would need to take the engine out, but I did some work first and was able to get it to fire (though only for a moment before shutting it off). NOW I have taken the engine out, made...
  9. J


    Keep getting a p0191 code "Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance" I've replaced the sensor and fuel filter. Fuel trims are where they're supposed to be. 02 sensors are oscillating. I checked as much of the wiring and harnesses as I could access easily and that's all good. I'm...
  10. G

    Funny Story w/ Check Gage Light

    So I let my brother borrow the '99 XLT for pizza deliveries and explained to him that if the check gage light comes on, you are probably running out of gas. He's out on delivery one night and calls me, "Yo, are you having engine problems? It sounds like it's so close to starting but just...
  11. U

    P00C6, P0302, P0301, P0303, P0300, P2195, P0171

    So my buddy was driving from MI to FL and when he filled up his car he added Fuel injector cleaner and octane boost.... not 100 miles driving he started having some rough driving and now has little to no power when trying to drive. I know what the codes are but before buying parts and jumping to...
  12. K

    Fuel pressure rise after engine shutoff

    Car struggling to start and when Engine runs it seems fine with little vibration at 25 psi of fuel Rail Pressure. If I shutoff the engine, it drops immediately to 8-11 psi and gradually rises to 42 psi. I try to start the engine again FRP drops and engine stalls it won’t start until I wait for...
  13. R

    How to remove back seat on first gen??

    Hey everyone hope ya'll are having a great day!. I was wondering how to remove the back seat on my 93 xlt because I'm gonna be replacing the carpet and also cutting a access panel for the fuel pump
  14. E

    Fuel pump staying on

    Recently posted my 91 explorer intermittently dying on side of road with occasional high idle before dying. Codes 87 and 95. I’ve replace nearly every sensor or part. Now I notice sometimes I turn the key on and the pump won’t turn on, then it cranks excessively until it fires. Today I turned...
  15. 1

    Replacing Fuel Pump in 98 Exp Sport V6

    Hello. I'm seeing there are two ways I can go about replacing the fuel pump; just the pump itself or the entire apparatus. If I do go ahead with this, I need to keep the cost as low as possible as I'm selling this vehicle and her value isn't much. Can I get away with just replacing the pump...
  16. N


    THANK YOU to ALL of you that shared information with me and helped me to try and figure out what was wrong. Unfortunately...it was the FUEL PUMP again...ughhhh This is an awesome forum and all of you just amazing. Amazingly knowledgeable and amazingly kind to take YOUR time to help someone else.
  17. M

    99 Sport - Fuel Pump Question - Can reproduce

    So I have a wonderful 99 Explorer Sport that never quits.. until now... I have a 'crank wont start' issue that I can pin point an issue, but need an answer. 1) I swapped the relays... still won't start. 2) After sitting over night, I pushed the Fuel Pump schrader valve and nothing came out 3) I...
  18. A

    HELP! 2005 Ford Explorer Fuel Pump ????

    I need to replace fuel pump on my 2005 Ford Explorer. I purchased a fuel pump which the Auto Store matched and it doesn't match my fuel pump. Mine has a oblong female plug-in molded into the top of fuel tank. The one I purchased has two leads with male plug-in's one square and one round. Why...
  19. C

    1992 Explorer Fuel Pump Staying On, No Start

    Hey all, This post is for the sake of sharing a fix that worked for me. I recently purchased this '92 XLT, manual. It's my second Explorer. I purchased a '93 XLT with manual hubs and a manual transmission and that's gone through two starters now and with the new one I have no desire to fix the...
  20. K

    Fuel Pump Issue

    Hello All! I have a 1994 Auromatic Explorer w/ 4 wheel drive. At the end of March I started having issues starting. Replaced the battery, that didn't help, so I dug deeper and realized it was the fuel pump. Replaced that, issue went away. Fast forward to Oct, she has a rough sounding start...
  21. B

    2004 Explorer - Crank, No Start Fuel Pump Only Getting 9.5 volts

    Hi all, first time posting. I have a 2004 explorer 4.0. Just recently it was idling (warming up as i went inside) came back out and the vehicle was off. I tried starting it and it just cranks but doesnt start. nailed it down to a fuel issue. the fuel pump is not turning on. I first jumped the...
  22. J

    OBD Codes 124,157,158,172,176,177,186,543

    Hi Friends, I'm brand new to this forum and to doing any significant maintenance myself. Please forgive my ignorance if it jumps up in the middle of a nice dinner and parades around the room yelling obscenities. I started having power issues driving old faithful across the west. Occasionally I...
  23. S

    Fuel neck rusted

    The metal fuel neck has rusted through part in hose, I carefull got the chunk of metal out of the hose, and replaced the fuel neck...do I need to replace my fuel pump and clean out my tank? Because of possible rust in there? Does the stock fuel pump have filters on them? Thanks for help 2001...
  24. D

    95 explorer won't idle more than a few seconds

    95 4.0L. It Starts and then dies after 10 or 15 seconds. New pump and filter. Ist it possible I didn't connect the pump right? There is a steady flow of fuel from test valve. Maybe fpr? I don't Jane test gauge. Can I use a water pressure test gauge? Or air gauge? Please help I'm missing work...
  25. J

    Explorer Shut Off On Highway With Reduced Engine Power

    Been trying to figure this out for a few weeks now, being busy with a baby and all is kind of hard to get this done, pulled the valve covers to check the timing chains. They Seem Ok, One Chain in the rear has a small amount of slack on one side, the other (the side with the tensioner) will not...
  26. S

    Tips for Replacing the Fuel Pump (drop the tank style)

    Hey, I am new to the forum - I recently purchased a 2008 Explorer Limited with a fuel sending unit issue. I have learned a great deal from the forum, so I wanted to share a couple things I figured out while replacing the fuel pump this weekend. 1. You probably could do it without disconnecting...
  27. T

    Fuel Pump

    I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. It won't start. Cant hear fuel pump cycle when key is in run. If anyone can tell me which fuses and relays need to be checked will be very thankful. And if worst case scenario a fuel pump at around $50
  28. K

    1997 ford explorer 5.0 won't crank

    I am not new to this forum, but finally became a member. Have read many helpful posts, which have saved me so many times. I am not an expert mechanic by no means, but being a single mom, on a budget, the determination to figure things out on my own, and that my 97 Explorer means a lot to me (I...
  29. mfitz725

    Is it the fuel pump and which one

    My 99 Limited 4.0LSOHC doesn't start on the first cold try. After reading some previous threads I tried cycling the key to the on position several times and then it would start. Sometimes when driving I experience some hesitation and a couple of times I've put my foot to the floor and no no...
  30. S

    New guy !

    Have a 2000' & 2017' xlt's. Hi. !
  31. J

    Fuel pressure issues and engine stall

    I have been having hard starts when the engine is warm and recently the truck stalled and wouldn't restart. It was towed back to my house (thanks Geico) and I got a chance to hook up a fuel pressure guage. The prime before starting yielded 20psi and when running i got just under 30. When the FPR...
  32. R

    '05 XLT Intermittent No start. Cranks, has fuel, has spark. is it posessed?

    2005 Ford Explorer XLT. 4.0 V6 198,000mi Every so often my explorer has a strange running issue. 2/3 of the time i experience this issue It starts, then dies within 5-30 seconds. (usually when reversing out of my driveway) the other 1/3 it won't start at all but has the same symptoms as after...
  33. R

    '05 XLT Intermittent No start. Cranks, has fuel, has spark. is it posessed?

    2005 Ford Explorer XLT. 4.0 V6 198,000mi Every so often my explorer has a strange running issue. 2/3 of the time i experience this issue It starts, then dies within 5-30 seconds. (usually when reversing out of my driveway) the other 1/3 it won't start at all but has the same symptoms as after...
  34. P

    Fuel Pump Problems

    2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.6L V8 So to start True Blue has sat parked for the last 2 years as I was ignoring her front end suspension horror show. This summer I decided I needed a new project and went to work on the suspension. Got it all fixed up and waited a little longer before taking it for...
  35. C

    2011 explorer fuel pump replacement?

    Hi everyone my fuel gauge is not reading correctly and I think I need to replace the pump. How hard is it to change it and does anyone have pictures of this install?
  36. M

    Fuel Pump Activiating due to vibrations, maybe?

    About 9 months ago I attempted to address an issue I noticed where, when I would punch, jiggle, etc., my power distribution box under the hood, it would seemingly cause my fuel pump to prime.... Key did not have to be in!! Key did not have to even be near the freakin' car; it could be in a...
  37. G

    Fuel Pump and Strainer Set - Explorer 1991-1994, Ranger 1993-1997 - Carter P74123

    FUEL PUMP AND STRAINER SET - EXPLORER 1991-1994, RANGER 1993-1997 - CARTER P74123 :us:
  38. D

    Sometimes starts, sometimes doesn't

    Hello everyone, It's been a couple months since I've been on the forum, but my 2001 Sport finally decided not to start today, and I want to go through it's past misbehavior to try and solve my problem, and help others who may have the same problem. To start off, it's a clean Georgia 2001...
  39. T

    Bad Inertia Switch

    Hey Everyone, I had to get my fuel pump replaced, and ever since then my inertia switch keeps tripping. It has only done so twice, but its when I'm idling, I can hear/feel it starve for fuel, putter out as my oil gauge goes haywire. I reset my inertia switch, and she starts right back up...
  40. M

    Fuel Pump or Fuel pressure "dampener"

    So I have had a problem with this truck since i bought it. I was getting lean codes, I tried the mass air flow sensor..didnt fix it. I checked for vacuum leaks none. I brought it to a buddy of mines garage and they did a fuel pressure check. When you turn the key it does have pressure...