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    Ignition capacitor value.

    Does anyone know the value of the capacitor that connects to ground just besides the ingnition coil? I think it is bust and I'm gonna try to replace it. I'll post a picture soon. -Humi from Iceland
  2. J

    Explorer 2002 shut down when running

    Hi, My explorer 2002 shut down suddenly, I was in a stop sign when it shut off, after that no ignition starter worked. It looks like the alarm system came up, I tried locking and unlocking the alarm using the remote with no sucess. I used the master code for the alarm system with bno success...
  3. B

    92 Aerostar, EEC-IV dead?

    Hi all, first time posting here, but I'm going absolutely mad. Have a 1992 Aerostar XLT (4.0L, E4WD) that has been passed down through a couple generation in my family. My grandmother got it new, gave it to my mom about 5 years ago. She wrecked it, got it fixed up new, then the alternator died...
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    Need Help: Problems Starting My X

    Hi All, Relatively new to the forum. I've used it before to fix my 4x4 using the washer fix. Now I have a new problem. Recently the batter on my 94 has been draining very quickly. I don't drive it much as I live in the city, but would have to jump it every time I drove it (usually sat...
  5. C


    I have a 94 ford explorer and it has had many problems but its become my project and I refuse to give up on it so.. I bought it and it would only start on the thrid try. It ran very sluggish when you would take off it would almost stall eh it really didnt stall but it would seem that the...
  6. Y

    98 xlt electrical issue

    i am hoping someone might be able to help me. i have a 98 eplr xlt, recently i noticed that when i turn off my truck the blower motors(front and rear), the power windows and the rear wiper all stay active. i have no clue what would cause this. a buddy and me ran through some trouble shooting. we...
  7. The igniter is at full brightness before ignition.

    The igniter is at full brightness before ignition.