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limp mode

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    Hello, new to the forum, I just purchased a new 2021 Ford Explorer XLT at the end of November 2021. After two weeks the transmission cooler leaked. Dealership replaced it under the new car warranty. 6 days later I started the car remotely at 5:30am. I live in NH so it was very cold...
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    5r55s Whirring and Limp Mode

    Some background - I've had my 2004 Explorer v6 4wd for probably 3 years now, and feels like I've replaced pretty much everything. The transmission went out about a year ago, so I pulled a junkyard tranny and swapped it in, at which point I also put in a reman torque converter and applied the...
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    4R70W Transmission Missing Piece

    I posted a summery of my problem a few days ago but didn't get any useful answers. My 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0 V8 2WD is having transmission problems. Its stuck in limp mode, won't engae in reverse or neutral, and it threw these 3 codes; P1747, P1636, and P0750. However, I just noticed that there...
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    2008 Ford Explorer Wrench Symbol

    I have this 2008 Ford Explorer that I purchased about two weeks ago. Yesterday I was driving and the wrench symbol came on and it went into limp mode. I drove it home and didnt start it until this morning when I drove it for a little bit and the wrench symbol came on again. Can anybody...
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    04 Sport Trac, replaced engine once already

    Hello, A little backstory to start, we bought the Sport Trac new from the dealership (12 miles on it). We did the normal tuneups/oil changes and basic maintenance. At around 100k the engine decided to die on the way back from a vacation with no warning, the check engine light came on and 5 secs...
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    Tried everything possible on my 4.0 ohv Need help please!

    Hello! I have a 1998 4.0ohv 4wd. Recently I got the p1309 code and also the p0171,p074 bank 1 and 2 lean codes. I proceed to change out the Cam Position Sensor and syncro. I did them both correctly exactly by the book. Made sure to put the engine at top dead center ect. I reset the computer (...
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    Drives in limp mode fine?

    My 2002 will not move in drive or reverse. Checked fluid it's good. I found no loose wiring or anything obvious. I can start by selecting 1st, then 2nd, then 3rd. After I build rpms in third I switch to drive and sometimes it works. Most of the time I push the rpms so high that the od light...
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    5R55E Limp mode or lock out mode?

    so i have herd the same definition used for "limp mode" and "lockout" ether way. my sport trac 5R55E transmission has started to blink the o/d off light once i get to 45mph. the shop i took it to first said 2k full mechanical rebuild. then i took it to another shop and they said cant tell for...