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  1. C

    HELP!!!! - Rough running, SPOUT doesn't change timing - possible bad ICM?

    HELP!!!! - Rough running, Intermittent on cyl. 1&5 only- possible bad ICM? I have a 1993 Ranger 4.0L-OHV, 5spd, 4x4 It has been running rough, at idle, as well as at speed, for a little while now. It doesn't feel like it is down on power, nor is it a "dead" miss, but its not right. It is...
  2. D

    I think I have a Timing issue?

    I have a 2002 Explorer with 4.0L V6 with 79000 miles. Last year I started to hear a bearing kind of sound only when I accelerate hard passed 2500 rpms when I drive coming from the right passenger's side front of the engine. As soon as I let off it goes away. I have power braked it and...
  3. K

    The Notorious ford exploder Timing chains

    Hi everyone. I know timing chains has been done to death but just need a bit of help. I have a 96 explorer and as you can guess the timing guides have gone (one has, the rest are still ok). I have the engine out and have the timing cover off exposing the chains and can see clearly the main guide...
  4. J

    rattle noise durring acceleration?

    hello, I recently bought a 92 explorer with 300K miles, the trans was rebuilt aprox. 5K ago and as far as I know the engine is extremely old. Usually when i go up hills or accelerate it will rattle between 2 and 3 thousand rpm. However it will rattle at other rpms and speeds occasionally. Im...
  5. K

    99 Mountaineer Cam Synchronizer P1309 code

    I recently replaced the cam synchronizer in my 99 Mountaineer 5.0L and I used the alignment tool but set the synchronizer at the same position it was in originally which was situated in the 5:30 or 5:45 degree position instead of the 6 o'clock (engine centerline) position. The truck runs good...
  6. E

    Timing Chain Replacement or motor replacement

    02 explorer 4.0 4x4 My friends explorer has gotten slop in the timing chain tentionera @ 140k miles. He did not change it just continued to drive it. It soon slapped a hole in his valve cover. Now he beleives it is unfixable and offered it to me at a extremely low price. Question-if I was to...
  7. M

    Pinging, how to troubleshoot timing?

    Ok, I'm sure this topic has been covered but I can't find it here on the forum. My 1993 4.0L is pinging under load, either uphill or under prolonged acceleration. Unfortunately I cannot troubleshoot the pinging (I believe due to timing) because I didn't get the Ford Powertrain/Emissions...
  8. A

    Swaping engine (Pictures)

    Hey guys what up? Lattely i had some issue with my Timing chain, i to be sure i opened the front part so i took of : - Radiator & Hoses Radiator - Took of Fan Clutch - Took of Alternator - Steering pump - Stabilizator Pulley - Cranckshaf Pulley ( For that i made a tool, less...
  9. A

    Ticking noise coming from underneath (video)

    Hey guys, i have some trouble with the truck it's why i'm sharing a video with all of the members and pro to tell me your suggestion. I have a ford explorer 97, 4.0l SOHC 4x4 and it got : 111'162.6 Miles. I recently made : 3" Body lift, Add a leaf procomp, RS9000XL, 275/70/16. Let's...
  10. B

    Possible computer problem? Ignition? Injection?

    I recently replaced a rear timing chain on my 2002 4.0L SOHC Explorer because the tensioner was broken. We realigned the cams & crankshaft using the special Ford alignment tool. I also threw some Lucas upper cylinder lubricant & injector cleaner (one product) into the gas tank. Now when I...
  11. ragajungle

    More Merc Trace-cort fun... Timing Keeps Jumping...

    So the new motor, complete with head and head gasket all went in without a hitch... BUT Since then I have had the timing cover off 2x and installed 2 belts, and 1 timing tensioner (from the old motor). Each time I followed the instructions PER Chiltons: -Line up Cam and Crank timing makes...
  12. P

    How to set the time on sohc 4.0L v6

    I have a 1999 ford explorer sohc 4.0L v6 and Im replacing the front timing chain and the left cassette chain kit. I need to know how i can set the timing? I wanna buy a haynes repair guide but not sure if it has the info. I need. I will appreciate any help Thank you guys
  13. Y

    1st Gen Timing Chain Replacement

    Evening folks, In the process of my first A4LD rebuild on a stock '94 Explorer. Anyone know if the pushrod model also has a rear timing chain that I can replace while I am in there with just the transmission out? Had to do the chain on my '99 5.0L which was easier since it was only the front...
  14. P

    Timing chain broke Help!!!

    I had my 98 die while driving and am pretty sure that the timing chain went on it. Is there any major damage done to the engine, and how do I re time the engine? I guess the question I am asking is there a tool that i can retime the engine with and is it worth it? I would greatly...
  15. C

    Here we go again 4.0 Timing Issues

    I have been browsing this forum for a couple of days, I have an 03 4wd with the 4.0 and i have seen it hinted that you can set this engine back into time without having the special tools. Can somone let me know how this is done ? I am having to replace the front cassete in addition to the...
  16. R

    Rattle at low RPMS after changing serp belt

    Ok, my '95 XLT with 294K on it got a new radiator over the last two weekends. Don't go to Autozone for a rad, they don't match up the right part and the trans cooling lines don't fit. But enough of that rant. After changing the hoses, thermostat (found one without the air hole in it...
  17. joker1457

    Help!!!! Please!!!!

    98 Explorer SOHC Heres the deal I have lost a good amount of power and about three miles per gallon. I had her in for three tensioners in the past two weeks, the mechanic replaced the front camshaft tensioner, the jackshft tensioner, and the balance shaft tensioner. The car Idles fine and...
  18. J

    timing HELP

    Ok, for the love of god...94 sploder, just swapped the motor in from a 93. My buddy didn't think to put the engine at top dead before he pulled the cam sensor. I've called EVERY part store locally, cant find the Tool, and my new motor has no power and falls on it's face under too much pedal...
  19. W

    fireing order for 2000 2.5

    I have installed a hydrogen generator and I need to know how to retard the timing. Which plug fires first or is it simultaneous?