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  1. B

    Not sure if my water pump is failing hopefully I caught it soon

    So I was in the process of getting my tires changed on my Explorer and noticed an orange puddle under my engine on the passenger side. The people I was with said could be the water pump I panicked and drove home 4-5 miles away. Looked it up and called the dealership to get it inspected next day...
  2. D

    Ford ESP warranty

    I had a 2011 Explorer XLT that I bought used back in 2014 with 27,000 miles on it. When it was about to hit the factory warranty deadline I purchased a Ford ESP from Anderson Koch Ford in MN. Glad I did because that Explorer had tons of problems. I traded it in 2017 to lease a Nissan Rogue which...
  3. B

    Is our Explorer still safe to drive?

    Hello Explorer Forum. Me and my fiancé just moved from Florida to California this past week and during our drive cross country the rear CV axle snapped. The only dealership out in that part of the country couldn’t see us for 2 weeks so we ended up taking our Explorer to a local mechanic. Somehow...
  4. K

    How Ford Lost a New Customer

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest ownership experience regarding my CPO 2014 Explorer Sport. When purchased, the liftgate was misaligned which Washington Ford in Washington, PA graciously allowed me to expense the realignment due to the issue existing upon pick up. Fast forward 7...
  5. V

    Active Grille Shutter Assembly Repair/Replacement 2016 Explorer

    I have a 2016 Explorer XLT with 59,900 miles. I've had several issues with this vehicles beginning at 12,000 miles. The latest issue is the vehicle would show an alert that the "Engine Coolant Is Over Temperature". This happens mostly when the vehicle is traveling over 50+ mph with the a/c on...
  6. K

    Stiff-armed by the dealer on a warranty issue

    My 2016 Platinum Explorer burned up its PTU fluid to the point that the control system shut down the AWD function (44K miles.) So, they put in new fluid and charged me $358. Based on my reading of the warranty, this should be covered. To net it out, the warranty says it does not cover “(1)...
  7. L

    I know nothing about cars...Please Help!!

    Hi there!! I'm hoping that I can get some help with a recent problem I've had with my '14 Explorer Sport. Please keep in mind...I know absolutely nothing about the workings of cars and I will be the first to admit it. I just want to make sure that I'm not being taken advantage of by a dealer...
  8. 2

    Rust on exhaust of 2017 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Appearance Package

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I bought my 2017 Explorer brand new about a year ago. The car is garaged both at home and at work. I live in Southern California so I don't have exposure to rain, snow, ice, etc. I typically walk to work so I have few miles on the car (about 7,500...
  9. K

    Car Monkeys bad warranty and customer service 5R55E

    I do not recommend buying anything from carmonkeys.com. Please read the following: I purchased a 5R55E transmission from Car Monkeys. The transmission is advertised as: “used, OEM, Tested (transmission run), complete assembly to include a torque converter and oil pan”. It came with a 5...
  10. F

    Conflicting warranty info

    Signed up for an answer to some conflicting warranty information. Here goes. Is the wheel bearings covered under the 7/100k mile certified pre-owned limited powertrain warranty. Ford has a brochure on their website that says it is. But i called ford and they said it isn't. So which one is it?
  11. 1

    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    2011 EXP LTD BD 06/02/2011. 1000 miles. Burnt oil smell during hard acceleration. This is easily repeatable and happens every time. Well now we have another confirmed issue with my LTD. Under hard accelerations coming from an on ramp and merging with fast moving traffic only. Other wise, all...
  12. I

    Exhaust Pipe Rusting?

    Hello, Mine is 2014 Limited and these pics were taken after second winter. The axles and the exhaust pipes seem too rusty. How do you guys think? Any advice? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  13. N

    Explorer Paint Quality

    I purchased a new 2013 Ford Explorer Limited Edition in early 2013. When I picked the vehicle up from the dealership there was a run in the paint on the hood. The dealership informed me that they would replace the hood, but without letting me know they decided to paint the hood. Now the hood has...
  14. L

    Some minor annoyances in the (lack of) quality

    I'm experiencing some small things going wrong with my 2014 Explorer Sport. At only 1 year, and 5700 miles... its a bit disconcerting. It makes me think this car is going to completely fall apart in like 5 years. Wonder if anyone else has seen any of these things, and what they did about them...
  15. N

    Aluminum wheel corrosion - Spidering

    I have a 2013 ex limited with the aluminum polished wheels. The car has been babied since purchased new and I never use abrasive cleaners on the wheels. I've recently noticed several corrosion lines on them. It seems like three years old is too soon for this to be happening. Has anyone else had...
  16. jcerrion

    MFT - Article - Ford extends warranty on our Touch Screens

    Heres an article i just came across regarding MFT and Ford's plan to extend our warranties. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/ford-upgrade-extend-warranty-touch-225517427.html
  17. C

    Warranty Repair Issues -Help with Code P0420

    Help with Code P0420 - 2007 Explorer (fixed) I have a 2007 Explorer EB that has a check engine code p0420 showing. I believe the issue is with the catylitic converter but I am not sure. I have talked to the Ford dealership and was told the warranty was expired. The part itself cost $1300...
  18. H

    paint underneath the roof rails / rail gutter

    Did Ford forget to pay any attention to the details with this? Its all bubbled and gives if ypu press on it, and one spot looks like its starting to crack. I find it very disturbing that I'm constantly finding things that bother me with this car. Most of them are minor, but this one doesn't seem...
  19. W

    List of Useful Threads Hood Paint bubble issue only

    I just took delivery of my 2012 Explorer on Friday and was looking for advice about a tiny paint bubble on the hood about 1mm in size. It's not noticable unless you get right up on it, but I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about. The dealership took pictures of it and...
  20. T

    Extended Service Plan (ESP) prices comparison thread

    Any of you guys get the ESP or any of the other plans, tire, dent, service plan? Just wondering, I already have the vehicle but I am going back to the dealer tomorrow to talk about the plans and I have the prices and I was wondering what you guys thought Thanks
  21. Flounder

    Ford Extended Service Plans (ESP)

    And, to update, heard from Zeigler, and also confirmed with Ford Customer Service: ESP Premium Care, 84 months, 60K miles, shows on system by VIN. Great price, great purchasing experience, etc. Would recommend Zeigler in a heartbeat.