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wiring diagram

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    Exploding with questions- hellerrr?

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum here and I need dome serious help with with my wife's explorer. Just like many of you, I'm an at home mr fix it. I've not been able to locate much help thru my side chick google. Very dissapointed. I have a 2004 explorer xlt my temp, tach and Speedo gauges went out...
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    brake light / turn signal light Diagram

    can someone share a wiring schematic for the taillight wiring. i am getting rear right bulb out message tried new bulbs new socket testing power but my trailer brakes and signals work fine... does the trailer harness splice off the turn signals or have a homerun to SJB....? 08 ST xlt job 1
  3. C

    Power Seats Wiring Diagram

    Hey, So my explorer has power seats that must have been installed by someone a while ago, and look very hastily put together. Currently, the connector isn't getting any power. They don't look like they were properly done, based off of the gauge of the wires used. Not sure what it is exactly...
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    Dome light wiring diagram error?

    Page 89-1 shows the Interior lamp relay feeding the puddle lamps and through "D" to P89-2 the front dome light. Well, my puddle lamps go off a minute after I shut down the car but the front dome light never goes off. The rear dome lights act like I expect them to. Now, here's the question...
  5. B

    2004 Explorer stereo problems

    Just picked up an 04 explorer... Radio stays on no matter what. Keys out of the ignition, any door has been opened. No matter what I do it stays on and drains the batt. Any helpful suggestions or wiring diagrams on the switching of the deck would be very helpful. Also the turn signal just gives...
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    2006 XLT Wiring Harness and RAP ??

    I have a 06 XLT v8 with advance trac and I'm wanting to install an aftermarket Head unit because using the factory unit with my Rockford forgave 1500watt amp and subs is a joke. It doesn't even pick up radio stations that I can pick up with a 20 year old Walkman. Anyway, I can't afford the...
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    1998 Cloth Seats to 1995 Heated seats help

    Hey guys! The other day I was wandering on craigslist and found a set of heated leather seats for $40 in great condition, and I want to put them in my car. Both front seats are powered, and I think the drivers is the only one heated from a 1995 Explorer. I have a 1998 xlt, and my drivers side is...
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    05 XLS seat wiring?

    Hi All, I'm thinking about upgrading the interior of my 2005 Explorer XLS to leather from an 04 Mountaineer with power motion and heat. I've seen a couple of threads about doing this, and some confusing accounts of which wires an XLS will already have and not have. Attached is a picture of the...
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    Wiring Troubles

    I need some help...i got myself in a mess and can't afford a licensed mechanic.I Bought a pioneer Radio/CD Player/MP3 Player to put in my 98 ford explorer sport and the wiring was different then what was on the new stereo....I have most of it figured out but there's 2 wires that i can't figure...
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    Replaced stereo - Connect Factory Sub and Aux Input

    I have replaced my factory stereo and would like to know how I can hook up my factory amp/sub and the aux input. My stereo has an aux input on the back so I would like to hook it into the factory aux input connections. I have looked everywhere and cannot find the wiring diagram for the aux...
  11. U

    2000 Explorer Interior Lights Diagram

    Hello I am looking at fixing a few switch lights that have gone dark. Does anyone have the interior lighting wiring diagram? The headlight selector lights, rear wiper, rear defog, and fog light buttons have all gone out. If no one has the diagram what is usually the problem? A blown bulb, bad...
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    temp gauge starts at the middle when cold then works its way to hot

    i replaced the thermostat, sender sensor, gauge sensor, refilled the coolant and now i am out of ideas. would there be a short some where in the gauge sensor cable? and how could this be tested? maybe a fuse somewhere or maybe a new way to wire in an aftermarket one
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    1995 Ford Explorer/Expedition radio diagram.

    Hello everyone, okay this is my first post and hope I am posting in the correct spot! I have a problem with my radio! I Have a 2 door 1995 Ford Explorer, it says expedition on the back of it, so I'm guessing thats the edition? Just want to make sure its right for the diagram I need. I need a...
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    Adding Fog Lights on Base Pre 2016 Model

    Hi guys, doing some research Ive found this... Notice part 17D957A, there are two options, with and without front fog lights, each one with different pricing, I guess if someone with the base model orders the part with the fog lights, he'll be able to retrofit them. Wiring shouldnt be...
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    Can anyone Help?? Keyless Entry Installation

    I have a 02 Sport. Im trying to install a keyless entry system I just purchased. Does anyone know where I can find the wiring diagram? And also, I've never done this before, I have experience with car audio systems but thats it. Is this something I should leave to the professionals, or is...
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    Dimmer module pinout

    One gripe I've had with my 95 Limited since I got it, is that there's no way to disable the dome lights as the dimmer module doesn't have the click at the bottom. So today I went to a junkyard for unrelated things and found a ~99 XLS with a switch that clicked on the bottom. Score! Or, so I...
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    wiring or blown accessory port?

    We were camping and plugged the shop vac up to the converter and POP there went the converter and the accessory plug/cig lighter. We can't figure out where its blown though. Do not see any blown fuses in the fuse panel and tried running the wires. Any suggestions? :exp: 96 Ford Explorer XLT
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    Electrical systems failing (No dash lights, 4x4, radio display, OD off and counting)

    I have a 1999 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the 4.0 SOHC motor. I'm having one electrical system after another stop working. It started with the radio display going blank (radio still worked). Then the dash lights stopped working and then it spread to all the interior lights. Now the 4x4 is...
  19. W

    Why won't new stereo work with speakers?? PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 1997 Explorer Eddie Bauer and it has the JBL sound system. I just got a Pioneer DEH-P4000UB head unit. I got the HU to power on and funtion, but it will not put music to my speakers! No matter which wire I connect it just will not play the speakers. I went and got a inside stereo...