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  1. C

    Anyone experience these electrical issues before?

    I have a 2004 Explorer XLS 2wd with the 4.0. I bought this truck 2 weeks ago for $300 rust free with a clean title so I cant REALLY complain about it, just trying to see if anyone has ran into this issue before. My day started with it shredding a belt because the A/C compressor bracket is bent...
  2. J

    Sometimes 2000 XLS won’t start

    Hello everybody! Ive been having a problem with my 2000 Ford Explorer XLS for the past few months and was hoping somebody on here could offer some advice. So sometimes when I go to start my Explorer the engine does not start whatsoever. Just the dash lights come on. I thought it was the starter...
  3. T

    Front brake hype or fact?

    (I'm the 5th owner/driver...2000 XLS 4x4) (I didn't realize I could fail inspection on a worn ball joint. I didn't but was advised one was nearing failure. Upon a further inspection at the local NTB, I was informed BOTH front-uppers are going bad...So...) I have to install front ball joints...
  4. P

    2004 Explorer xls cv axle (Replacement axle has tone ring)

    Hello all! I am new to this forum and I hope this question is in the right area. I have a 2004 xls 2wd Explorer. I am replacing the rear, passenger side cv axle. The part I ordered was an "exact match" to my vehicle (Carquest #NCV11122). The new axle I purchased has a tone ring (obviously my...
  5. C

    Hello everyone!

    What's up Explorer folks! New to the forum and recently purchased a 03 Explorer for a low price of $900 due to a head gasket leak. The owner was told by many mechanics that he should just put another reman engine in and all said and done would run about $3800. He didn't want to do that, so he...
  6. E

    2004 Ford Explorer XLS - Modification Queries

    Hey all Hoping that someone on here can help me! Bought an '04 Explorer 4 years ago, but has a few cosmetic issues that I've been wanting to get fixed. Unfortunately had very little joy finding the parts. Would appreciate any help! (1) Center console The lid is mostly broken from what I can...
  7. H

    Keyless Entry?...a novice inquiry

    Just purchased my 2000 Explorer XLS a month or so ago. I was wondering if there was a way to determine if it is compatiable with keyless entry FOB's? It did not come with any FOB's from the previous owner. I read through the manual and it says that it was an available option, but no indication...
  8. C

    New & Confused

    Hey Guys! my name is Courtney and I just purchased my first Ford, a 2002 Explorer XLS 276XXX. I was unfortunately scammed when I bought this vehicle and now we are trying to get the parts and price things to fix it and get it together by next week. So if anyone can help that would be awesome...
  9. H

    Hey Everyone

    Whats up guys. New to the forum and ill probably be posting quite a bit in the next few months. I have an 00 X XLS that my father purchased new and at this point its starting to hit the end of its daily-able life. Ive decided to do some work to it to have a fun little trail runner since ill be...
  10. L

    Help with lift

    This is my first time on this forum. I want to lift my 2002 Ford Explorer XLS about 3-6 inches. Love off roading and i think its time to put some nice 33's on my explorer and go on a better adventure. The problem im having is that i have a mechanical fan. So that rules out the body lift... and i...
  11. E

    New Member Please Help

    Hey everybody, I'm new to this forum and just recently acquired a 2002 Ford Explorer XLS 5-speed with about 118k on it. As it sits now it is bone stock, it used to be my dad's daily driver. I am currently working on fixing it up, I plan on doing big things with it! I just bought a whole new...
  12. D

    Need Help: 2002 XLS wont go above 10mph/2000rpm

    Ill try and make this short and sweet: bought a used 2002 XLS and the only issue I had was ABS light coming on (feels like pedal pushes back and then light kicks on), rear wheel bearing and 4x4 wasnt working. (4x4 lo would work when ignition on but nothing after that point) So I had...
  13. D

    02 XLS 4.0 - Wont start NO crank (video)

    Bought this truck and drove it home, stopping at a few places and it started just fine. Got home and then it wouldn't start anymore. Tested the battery and it was 13v+, with the lights all at full power and when turning the key to start the gauges would go crazy and I could hear clicking...
  14. N

    Help needed

    Ive got a 99 explorer XLS and i'm pretty sure I bent my axle and ####ed up my ball joints and bearings. Anyone out there that can help a dude out and direct me to some directions with photos and or videos on how to fix these it would be much appreciated.
  15. D

    Should I buy this 2001 Explorer XLS?

    Hi all, I recently sold my 94 Explorer and am looking to get into a newer model. I found this one on Craigslist: http://norfolk.craigslist.org/cto/3673345200.html It seems to be pretty solid, miles aren't too high, and they're asking $3300. Can anybody give me any advice on what to ask about...
  16. W

    Sound system install

    i have a 2000 explorer xls with and aftermarket head unit, I picked up one of the 4door factory jbl amp and sub combo from the junk yard today, i dont know much about audio and subs, etc... but im pretty handy, what all do i need to do to get it to work?
  17. E

    Both my side view mirrors do not work!

    Both my side view mirrors do not work on my "new" 2002 Ford Explorer XLX 4WD. The dealer that I bought it from claims that the mirrors do not work because they are oem mirrors added to the car! Has anybody run into this same problem?
  18. E

    explorerxls4wd's intro

    Just bought a Body Style Sport Utility Exterior Color White Engine 6 Cylinder Gasoline Transmission Automatic Drive Type 4 wheel drive - rear Fuel Type Gasoline Doors Four Door
  19. doug625

    installing quickstruts on my 2002 ex. Will I need a spring compressor?

    I know the rear drivers side is broken and the passenger side might be also. I will changing both rears. Found on Amazon for 130 bucks each. been reading thru posts on here and seems like a pretty easy job but no one mentions if a spring compressor is needed.
  20. H

    '99 XLS - Alternator problem

    I have a 1999 explorer xls 4.0 sohc and today i was driving when all of the sudden the stereo shut off and all the accesories (such as power windows and locks) stopped working. I still drove it for another 15 mins til i got home then shut it off and it would not start again. I jumped it and it...
  21. 0

    New (to me) truck - Need help with lift/suggestions

    Hey guys, i just got hooked up with a 2002 XLS 4x4 and was wondering what are my options for about a 2-3 inch lift. I was wondering if I could do coil spring spacers and new shocks/springs to acheive this. i know thats probably the most economic decision. any help anyone has would be greatly...
  22. J

    Adding Fogs to an XLS using an "XLT" switch..

    Noob to the site here... and hoping to get some info.. I have a 2002 XLS with no fogs... looking to install some (change over the bumper to an XLT style probably) but I am looking at using the stock style switch (keep it cleaner looking). but my questions are.. 1) will my connector plug...
  23. R

    Replacing exterior door handle on 2002 Explorer

    I recently replaced a broken exterior door handle on my 2002 Explorer XLS while also replacing the power window master switch. Below is a somewhat brief description of the door handle process. I was originally thinking that the door handle would be difficult, due to access, but it turned out...
  24. 9

    The wait is over! power seats in an XLS!!!!!!!!

    this will show you step by step how to install power seats into an XLS. Tools needed: 15mm deep socket electrical tape heat shrink butt connectors wire stripper/cutter and about 2 hours time, patience is key. DRIVERS SEAT! step one. find a good donor vehicle, if you and see the seat...
  25. 9

    changing rear seats ???

    i recently came across a nice 02 eddie at the junkyard, interior is very clean, but i have an 02xls with the 60/40 rear seat and the eddie has the 3 bucket seats in the back. my question is, hoe do i go about making that work? is it just a matter of taking up the carpet and finding the area...