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'01 Sub/Amp in '93... can I?


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August 23, 2008
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'93 Sport Eddie Bauer
First off, I apologize for the large picture sizes.

Long story short I have a complete sub, amp, and box from a 2001 Explorer Mach Audio. I currently have a 1993 sport with the JBL Premium sound that includes sub, sub amp, speaker amp (i think?), all attached to the box. Can the swap be done? Of course I will need to keep what I believe is the speaker amp (feel free to set me straight on that). But can I wire the '01 Mach sub and amp up in replacement of my '93 JBL premium sub and amp?

I pulled my entire box out of the '93 only to find a very odd wiring set up and can't figure out how I could go about wiring everything into the 1 input on the Mach amp.

I am aware that I should just replace the amp and sub all together for something nicer but this is free so if it can be done I would like to. The question is, can it? I can take some pics of what I have as well if need be as both boxes are out of both vehicles with subs and amps and everything. Thanks for any advice.

This is the original JBL premium from the 93.

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After opening the various amps I believe this is something that can be done fairly easily given the right information. Does anyone happen to know what the three wires are on the plug from the first (speaker) amp to the second (sub) amp:

I know its hard to see but there is a black one, the brightly colored one (which looks like just a clear speaker wire), and then a non-shielded wire that also looks like a speaker wire.

Here is the other side, this is inside the first, black (speaker) amp:

You can see a black, yellow, and clear wire there.

If anyone knows what the wires are on either side I can cut open the loom and follow them. From there I'm sure I can rig something up.

Ok so I've hit a dead end and really need some help. Would an '01 Mach system sub and amp even be compatible with a '93 JBL system? I figured out the various signal, power, ground wires, did some re-wiring and got nothing. I did find that the JBL system reads all over the place on the voltemeter for the sub signal wires to the JBL sub amp, while the Mach system was reading a consistent 5 or so volts to both signal wires leading to the Mach sub amp. Have I wasted my time thus far? Any advice or point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

It's not really compatible since the JBL system in the 91-94's has the sub signal coming out of the speaker amp, with a 12V turn-on lead, and the MACH system in the 95-01's has the sub signal coming from the head unit (the factory HU has the speaker amp), and has a 5V turn-on lead. I've also heard the MACH sub is a dual voice coil unit.

Can you make it work? Sure, they make adapters to turn a 12V turn on lead to a 5V signal (so you can use the factory sub in 95-01's with aftermarket head units that have a 12V turn on lead), and probably bung the signal wires around so they're sending the amp something.

Is it worth it? Probably not. You're not going to get any massive improvement. It might actually sound worse.

What you can do for an improvement is use the original speaker amp to power your speakers, and the JBL sub amp to power a different 8" sub (single voice coil, 4 ohms, ~75W RMS or so) in the MACH 8" enclosure.

Of course, you might also consider simply hacking up your stock sub enclosure by removing the stock 6.5" sub, enlarging the hole, sticking a shallow 8" in there, and getting better bass that way. Bigger improvements are had by using an aftermarket head unit, aftermarket amp, and really putting some power to an 8" sub.

If you decide not to use or keep your stock sub box, please give it to me. I've been looking for a 2-door one forever.

If it still works, you can sell the 6.5" sub for a pretty good amount. Actually, if you still have the stock stereo, and your stereo, amps, and sub all work, you can sell all of it for a good bit and put the dough towards aftermarket stuff.

Yea I found after another while working that it just wasn't going to happen without the adapters and some re-wiring. Thought about just using the MACH box with the sub but my original amps, didn't want to relocate the speaker amp and re-route wires. Ultimately decided to put it all back together, good learning experience I suppose. Thanks for the advice though. I may go with the hacking up my original box and putting in an 8 in. sub but we'll see. Sorry I couldn't help you out with a 2-door box. I go to the local junk yard quite a bit so I'll keep an eye out for ya ;).