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98 Mach sub and amp install in 95 non Mach system


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February 2, 2011
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Isanti, MN
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95 Explorer 2 door
Can't find anything on anyone doing this? I have a 95 non Mach system and I got a Sub/Amp encloser from a Junk 98 Eddie Baurer. I know I can use the encloser and add a new amp and sub which I will do in the future. But in the mean time I want to hook up that stock Mach amp/sub to my non Mach system. It should be better than no sub at all right?

I have power and ground hooked up right I think. I spliced from my left rear speaker wires to the input wires on the amp but nothing happened?

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Is there anyone who can help me out? I need a little bass. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Basically I want to hook up a stock jbl amp/sub to a stock radio without the jbl system. Can it be done and if so how?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

it's unfortunately nowhere that easy. The systems are integrated entirely differently. Your best bet is to just get the aftermarket sub and amp and install them. The JBL/MACH system is wired entirely different, including using crossovers for the different JBL/MACH speakers. I was going to do what you're looking at and ended up just going aftermarket with the sub, amp, and wiring harness for $130-ish delivered.

I don't know if this thread would help at all... CLICK

Here are wiring diagrams if you want to peek through... CLICK

Also- friendly note- 24 hours before bumps, especially when the first post was at 1:00am... Give people a chance to get up. :)

Thanks Joe. Sorry for all the bumps. I was half asleep last night and wanted to make sure I was making sense of what I was trying to do.

I originally got the idea of using the stock sub box from one of your posts. I only paid $10 for the box, amp, and sub. Was hoping I could use the amp, I guess it probably isn't worth it. Is it worth using the stock sub if I got a small amp to run it?

hmm interesting i was planning on doing the same with my x. i also got the idea from the same thread probably. i would have to agree with joe on using an aftermarket amp and sub for the enclosure even though i think you can still use the stock sub not too sure on how good it would sound.