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06 EXPLORER code


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March 9, 2009
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blanchester ohio
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06 explorer eb
just bought a 06 explorer eb totaled, getting ready to rebuild it for the old lady. it has the keyless entry on the drivers door how do i find the code? i have been told its somewhere in the vehicle. does anybody know where it hidden? there is no owners manual or anything in the glove i guess they took everything out. also i didnt get any key fobs with it does it supposed to have 3 or 4 button model? thanks

On the older ford f150 it was underneath the drivers dash above the brake pedal about half way up. I believe it's called a rap module with five numbers on it. Not sure on the X's but worth a look.

On the 3rd gen.. its behind the passenger side 2nd row seat on the quarterpanel area.

If yours has a rear bench seat (not buckets) it will be on the computer module, probably in small print, under a couple of cover panels near the passenger side seat belt as noted above. I have a 07 (gen 3) 6 seater and I have yet to find the module. I took it to the dealer and for $30 bucks they retrieved the code for me. If your EB has an electric button rear glass you probably need a four button (lock, unlock, panic and glass) remote, sorry no idea which number on the back of mine is the part number. It does have FoMoCo ALPS on it.