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08 Sport Trac sub question


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May 10, 2009
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08 Sport Trac XLT
Is the factory sub setup designed correctly from a maximum performance stand point.....in other words...is the size of the box/airspace appropriate for the sub?

Would there be any benefit to replacing the factory sub, but use the same box? If so what type of sub would you recommend and will the factory amp do any good with it?

Is the sub amp on the box, or in the HU?

I'm considering just buying all of the components and installing them myself....but I'm just trying to wrap my head around what I'm gonna get.

There are a LOT of 8" subs that will fit in the enclosure, and they'll work well as long as you don't expect to shake the neighbors with it. The unfortunate part is that you will need to install a separate amp as the factory one is terribly underpowered. Look into the JBL/Infinity (same sub- different logo), ED 9e, Sundown e8, CDT EF8, Kicker Solo 8, etc. Avoid the ones that recommend porting as the space just isn't there. You can fit a 1" spacer, too, so depth isn't a real problem.

Thanks for the info....definitely not worried about a huge amount of bass....just want some quality lows......