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1994 Explorer w/ Solid Dana 30 PICS......

1994 Explorer w/ Solid Dana 30

Okay, well after a month of planning and collecting parts I have finally started the solid axle conversion for my daily driver. I will list what I am using to gain the lift below. This is my daily driver and is used to promote a band that I work for. I was hired as Promotions Director for a band by the name Red Tape Poetry www.redtapepoetry.com . I still have my 1992 Explorer that is trailored to the trail.

1994 Four Door Explorer:
-Dana 30 from 94 Jeep Wrangler
-3.5" Lifted Leafs Front (Superlift) for Jeep
-3.0" Lifted Leafs Rear (Rough Country) Explorer
-Spring over front Dana 30
-Spring over rear Ford 8.8
-Rancho 9000 shocks front and back
-M.O.R.E Spring pads for Ford 8.8 & Dana 30
-37 x 12.50 x 15 Goodyear MTR's
-Custom Driveshafts
-Fabricated suspension system and mounting system for solid axle conversion by Unique Concepts of Tx.
-4.88 Gears front and back

Much more to come. The rear is done and the front will almost be completed by today. I will have some pics shortly. Remember this is a daily and will not see the dirt so the Dana 30 will be fine w/ the 37's.

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Sounds just great. How is your ride and drive? Leafs seem to be working out very well in the X.

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stop teasing us and let us see the pics already!

The leafs ride really well with the shackle reversal. You can tell your on springs but it is alot better than I thought it was going to be. I am not running any sway bars and dont need them at all.

nope we don't belive you, where's your proof? we need some pictures...lol J/K :)

Originally posted by MO_GUY
stop teasing us and let us see the pics already!

OK, this is getting painfull. Not funny anymore:eek:

Have you had any sag in the leaf springs yet?

Yes. I am replacing the leafs w/ Jeep Wagoneer 4" lift springs. Should give me another 2-3" of lift also.

Then maybe a set of springs like your old ones might just work for me. I don't want as much lift. I'm only running 35s so I'd like to stay the same height as where I'm at right now.


Originally posted by Trckmagik
On a side note: I also got the 1" lift installed on the 4wd Ford Escape along w/ 31.7" BFG All Terrains. Also installed a billet grill and 4 5" round trail lights on the roof. It looks really good.
Originally posted by JoshC
I also want to see some pictures of that Escape, i've been thinking about the 1" coil lift too for my wives Escape.
Originally posted by Trckmagik
***Be ready if you install the 1" lift coils on the escape. I could have had a body lift and suspension lift installed on a explorer in the amount of time it took me to install the four springs on the escape. The springs came w/ no directions..... SO it was all new to me. Looks great though.....
I own an escape 4x4 and I did massive research in to trying to jack my "pocket suv" up a little if not a lot and ran in to a big brick wall. I had to settle for the H&R 1" lift springs and as Trckmagik was so nice to post on escape-central.com I learned how big a tire I could fit under those wheel wells. I did the spring install this morning and it took me roughly 5 1/2 hours to finish. I've never done something like that because I'm still a mechanic in learning and didn't have directions, but it turned out ok. The fact that I had a hobby shop on my base with tools galore may have contributed to my succes but I'm pleased with the results. Tommorrow I'll be heading back to the hobby shop to mount the tires and squeeze those babies on the Escape. I've been trolling around this site for the last couple days and it makes me want to go get a vehicle for a project truck to make in to the ultimate offroad machine. On friday I'll also be recieving all of my bumper covers and side moldings back from the paint shop so they match the the vehicle. I'll put some pics up in the other vehicles forum next week some time. Thanks for the inspiration guys.

Cool, looking forward to the post, BTW...how much was the paint job for the plastic?

I found a shop through friend and after talking to them I'm paying $600. All the people that I've talked to with an escape that have done this said to go no higher than between $400-$600. I should have had my stuff back the other day, but the paint shop painted it and didn't sand it down at all. Now they are re-sanding it to get a smooth gloss to match the car. Hope this helps.

Snowmax. You rock. Thanks for hanging out on our Forum. You can easily find a 1st generation explorer to use as a platform for the ultimate offroader.
Not to hijack my own thread or anything, but I have a 1992 Explorer (white one in my signature) that I built up just for the trail. Total cost for vehicle, 5:13 gears, Lockers front and rear, lift, etc. was under 5 grand. And I had it completly built and ready for Moab, UT. in about a month.
Email me if you ever have any how to type questions. :)

Originally posted by NOTAJP
OK, this is getting painfull. Not funny anymore:eek:

Umm.....:rolleyes: Don't make me beg:rolleyes:



How close is width of the frame on the Wrangler compared to the Exporer?

Did the spring perches mount close to where the stock ones did on the Dana 30?

The spring perches mount in the same place as stock. You have to have a mount system that allows you to mount the leaf spring hangers "outboard" or outside of the frame. If you look at the pictures you may be able to see this a little bit. They are about an inch or 2 out on both sides of frame.

Sorry for so many Q's. I'll try one more: How are you working the steering issue?

Did i miss the pictures thread or link:rolleyes:

I am currently using a "mutt" steering system temporarily. Right now we welded a ford steering w/ the remaining jeep steering and it is working, but I get some bump steer.
I am currently looking for a Dana 30 High Steer so that we can build my permanent steering.

Josh, I beleive if you go back one page you can see some "in the process" pics.

Brian, Looking Great!!!:)

Here are a couple of links to high steer knuckles:

Teraflex (Sam's Offroad), the knuckle itself is about $300

MORE, look in Catalog, Steering Correction Kit

I aslo met a guy through eBay that makes the brackets to adapt the stock knuckle for about $145, but I know knowing of his quality.

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So when are we going to see pictures of the Truck with four wheels on the Ground? ;)