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1997 Mercury Mountaineer compatibility with 1999 Mercury Mountaineer

michael rupp

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October 23, 2017
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Mercury 1997, 5.0L AWD
I have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer that I am restoring slowly, and I value all of the information that I have been able to pull off of this site, it has been invaluable. I have a question if anyone knows what parts or if most of the parts off of a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer will work with the 1997. Last night I purchased a 99 that is in great shape except for the body which is been rolled. And it looks like the interior parts are compatible the engine the rest I’m not sure yet anybody with any information Please let me know thank you


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June 16, 2003
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Humboldt, KS
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2000 Mounty
Well, this is where the old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" got it's meaning.

It depends on the build of the 97- some 97's are more like 96 and some are more like 98-up which is what you want. even then if they match, some engine sensors will be different, and, 99 is when the fuel injection system was changed from a return style with 2 fuel lines,( 98 down) to a returnless single line with an in tank pressure regulator.(99 -up)
The 97 probably has orange injectors, while the 99's will be off white-gray.

The systems will not interchange. while the older harness feels like it connects well the the newer injector, the connection is not made inside the plug. Orange injectors run on 30-45 psi fuel pressure, gray use 60+ psi fuel pressure.

Cam sensor -oil pressure sender, and coolant sensor connectors ( to name a few) will be different between harnesses.

Using the newer system will always be more efficient, however, the older system may not have the PATS issue to deal with. to use the new PCM all of the PATS stuff from newer truck will be needed to use the newer engine and make it start.

You can do it, but it means swapping everything from the new one to the old one so make sure you keep the new rolled one until all the bugs are worked out.

Your 97 will need an egr pipe on the passenger side exhaust manifold, like the 99 has. Otherwise, even the frame is a little different.

Interior parts will work fine,