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1st gen bodywork and bedliner HELP!

So my mother wants me to do the bodywork on her '93 Exploder this spring. She wants it ready for wheelin' all summer.

Here's whats wrong right now:

Passenger side rear wheel arch has some bubbling.
Passenger rear door, patch from having it cut open, bondo, just needs paint.
Bottom of rear doors are rotted out, not bad though.
Both front fenders are folded at the front from a mild front end collison, going to bend back out.
Drivers side rear quarter panel is really bad, around gas door is rotted, wheel arch had been repaired with bondo before and now it's peeling off and the quarter is shot.

Everything except the driver quarter I can do with some bondo and paper. But that quarter needs to be replaced, then I can do the bondo. We have a '92 parts truck that I could probably cut it off of and have it put on.

Now, onto paint....

All the damage is below the pin stripe, good. I was thinking, and so wasn't my mother about rolling bed liner on all the painted parts from the pin stripe down to the rockers. It would be good for wheeln' too.

What do we have for choices for bed liner? We aer on a tight budget and need to get paint for under $80 that can be rolled on and be damn good stuff.

What do you guy's think? Anyone do this?

I have no good pics of the rear quarter but here is one showing the inside of it:

Here's a pic of the truck a year ago, thats the rear quarter, it's way worse now.

And here's the other side:

It's really not that bad for 226k miles and seen every winter New Hampshire has had. I mean, the bodywork is the worst part of the truck.

Thanks guy's.

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that is a MAJOR undertaking. The rust inside the tail light pocket is quite significant.

that is a MAJOR undertaking. The rust inside the tail light pocket is quite significant.

Well, I'm not going to worry about that. I don't think she will ahve this thing for more than 2 more years. So the in there isnt going to be touched. She just wants it to look good.

The frame has no holes but it has no paint either. The shackles are rotted through on both sides (getting 2" lift ones soon).

So what do you think about the quarter panel?

well the quarter panel IS the major issue. It looks to me like the rust is WELL into the inner quarter.

Well I had the 4x4 computer out a few weeks ago and there was no rust at all in there.

If you DO bed line under the stripe be prepared for the stripe to be jagged and sharp. I brought my truck back from the dead after a front end total. I smashed the passenger side fender, busted the passenger headlight, passenger side headlight surround, smashed the rockguard, completely smashed the bumper, all the trim on the bumper, bent the hood, bent the frame pre-suspension (LUKILY).

Here's a picture of what it looks like now from the front:


It's not exactly perfect, the radiator support got bent in the wreck so things don't fit perfect but I didn't really care too much because I was out a vehicle and it was my first time doing real body work lol.

I ruched it a bit, and I mixed my first paint batch ever bad and it doesn't match very well.

The reason I said all of this is because I also blended at the pinstripe and it didn't turn out too well. It gets rough and jagged and it looks disgusting. You'll probably have to burn away the old stripe with a rubber stripe burner or heat gun it and pull it away. Either way, if you don't match the paint 90% perfect you'll tell the difference between the stripe. The liner will be worse because it will be thicker.

Only time and patience will show you how good you are a body work. It doesn't take a genius to spread mud, but it's how you do it is the key.

Good luck to you bud! Enjoy and show us the aftermath :)

Cool, nice truck :D

Any input on what bedliner or undercoating to use on her? We are on a budget and would like to keep the paint to $50.