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2/3/2012 Snow Storm


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October 12, 2010
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Littleton, CO
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Littleton, Colorado
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'97 XLT
We got 22" at my house in Highlands Ranch. What about other areas?

And did you get out and have any fun in your EX in the fluffy white stuff? I did.


This is the storage lot where I keep my camper. I go there after it snows to clear the snow so there isn't a bunch of weight on the roof. Do I need to? No. Is it fun making first tracks everywhere down there? YES!

I almost got stuck in the neighborhood (I'm know, I'm such a hardcore wheeler!) when I was driving through where the plow had piled up snow on the side of the street. I had to rock it back and forth a couple times to get it out. Some may call that stuck, but I consider stuck when you need to either dig or get pulled out.

Funny thing about this storm, is that it is what prevented the seller of my current vehicle from being able to meet me that day- He lives out in Elbert county (wayyyyy out). We met on the next Monday, and he sold me a Sport Trac :)

We got 20" where I am -

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