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2000 Ford Explorer stereo wiring diagram


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February 25, 2007
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Grafton Ontario
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2000 Ford Eplorer Sport
I purchased my Eplorer about 3 months ago, and am very happy with it. I had to replace my stereo, which was a 6 CD stacker and radio. Wanting to stay as OE as possible I went to an auto salvage dealer. The unit I got was a single CD player, with radio and cassette. My old unit had only the 2 plugs at the bac, my new one has 3. (the extra for the cassette unit) The CD and radio work well, but I would like to be able to use the cassette also. I have managed to get the right wiring diagram for my vehicle, matching the old stereo unit, but have been unable to get a diagram for the new unit. Is there anyone out there that could help ? I would hate to splice the wrong wires and fry the stereo.



Contact a couple of the larger radio installation companies, like Crutchfield. Ask them about an adapter for your truck, to adapt the high end OEM radio. You need three wiring connectors for the high end radios, and you also need to know which radio you have. They will ask you, so figure that out first. Search here to find out which you have, someone else just asked the identification question today.

Welcome Yorkuni! The plug may be tucked away inside of the dash. OR you may need to hard wire it up. Either way, Best of luck to you!