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2005 Explorer P0775 - Solenoid Pack versus OD & IM Servo


April 8, 2010
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Netcong, NJ
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2005 XLT, 1993 Limited
Driving down the freeway yesterday and heard a clunk as the tranny downshifted from 70mph. The OD light immediately started flashing. As I continued from a full stop to get off the freeway to dig out my OBD Reader to check the code, I noticed it wouldn't shift into 2nd unless I let off pedal and forced a shift to 2nd. Read the codes, and sure enough got the P0775 - Shift Solenoid B. I was 250 miles from my destination, so jumped on the handy iPhone and researched the problem. Discovered I could continue the trip without damage, but had to turn off the OD and let off pedal to force a shift into 2nd. Once in second, shifts to 3rd and 4th were smooth...just no shift into 5th. One of the site I checked mentioned to carefully check the Solenoid Pack resistance before I replaced the OD and IM Servos as suggested by all my research. But before I get started, I've got a few questions that you smart folks could help answer for me.

If I get the right resistance for Shift Solenoid B, would that assure me that the Solenoid Pack is good and I should just proceed to the Servos? The site also mentioned to check the tranny sensors. What are those?

Also, as I have researched many folks talk about losing 2nd and 5th. If I can let up on the pedal and force a shift to 2nd, but can't catch 5th, does that suggest that my OD band is good? Does this symptom suggest anything else about the Solenoid Pack or OD Servo?


99.9% overdrive sero piston or band problem. Solenoid pack will not fix p0775. This code is set when pcm has maxed out pressure to achieve shift and shift is still incorrect. The code description is poor from Ford.