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2006-2010 Radio Bezel w/ iPad Mini Kit, EQ, Rocker Switches

This is a 2006-2010 dash bezel with an iPad Mini (Spring Loaded) kit installed in place of the radio. The kit also has the (Apple brand) lightning adapter in place, with the standard 3' USB cable. Enough length to reach the glovebox if you relocate your head unit.

The dash kit has an EQ, and Voltmeter in place where the stock 4x4 and message center buttons would be. There is no place for them, I just had them tucked away because I never use them, but you could easily cut a space out and snap them in place and look OEM.

The EQ is a Power Acoustik, easy to use EQ with 7v pre-outs. This is held in place with some JB Weld type putty, so it can be removed, but its going to leave a large rectangle. Each knob illuminates with a blue halo when powered on. (I installed the EQ because I relocated my head unit into my glovebox. The EQ allowed me to easily and quickly adjust bass/mid/treb, sub and fade/balance settings without touching the radio and navigating through menus. There is an LED voltmeter installed next to it.

At the bottom of the bezel, I have a rocker switch gang installed. Again, you can use these or not. I had them wired up and ready to go for future plans, but obviously thats not going to happen. You can replace the switches with any rocker from eBay/Amazon, etc. They were about $10 each. One is a dual USB port charger. One was a 4x4 switch for my "brown wire mod" to disable the automatic 4WD from engaging.

The only thing you will need to do is cut a small tab out behind where the switches mount. There is a pointless plastic "bar" that blocks the switches from going in all the way. You could probably use scissors, as its very thin.

I installed a cheap Pioneer single din head unit in my glovebox. The radio charges the iPad, and gets the audio from the USB so video has no sound delay like bluetooth might.

I am asking $190+shipping for the bezel.
The bezels alone go for around $50, EQ was another $35, iPad kit a little over $100, not to mention all the bondo, sandpaper, etc. SoundmanCA charges nearly $300 just for the iPad kit alone, thats not the iPad or finished product, JUST the bezel! Shops charge $500-$1200 on average for this kind of job.

I used spray-on bedliner from AutoZone to coat the dash kit. I also did my cupholders and the center piece on top of the dash, and love how it looks. Its rugged, scratch proof, and cleans easily. You can sand it down and paint it, or grab a can of bedliner from Autozone and do yours to match this piece. I also did my door-sills the same.










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Here is a quick video I made testing the iPad. The iPad is NOT included, but this gives you an idea of what it looks like.


Feel free to make an offer!

Still available! Seriously, don't hesitate to send me an offer. I won't be offended, worst I can say is no. I want this stuff gone! Just dropped from $250 to $190.

Previous post still stands! Make me an offer!

Still available!

Seriously, shoot an offer!