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2013 Explorer Sport


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August 11, 2012
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Fullerton CA
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2013 Explorer Sport
After running up 122,500 miles on my 2004 Porsche Cayenne, it was time to consider a replacement. There was so much to love and hate about my Cayenne. Loved the acceleration, style and handling. Hated the repairs ($2700 part cost for a new front differential!).

I knew I wanted an SUV with similar performance, better horsepower to weight and a more user friendly cargo area. I looked at the BMW, Mercedes, Mazda and Infinity. None qualified.

Out of curiosity only, I looked at the Ford Edge and Explorer. Took both for a test drive. Both were equipped with the 3.5 v6. The Edge was more comfortable and had better acceleration, but the handling was too "Lexus". The Explorer lacked torque. The dealership suggested the "Sport" versions but did not have one to test.

In the interim, I sold the Cayenne so felt some pressure to get a replacement (I have a 1991 BMW 318is that I just finished overhauling so I'm not without wheels).

Without even so much as a test drive, I ordered a nearly fully loaded Explorer Sport. Ford will not start building them until September 9, 2012. Mine is due sometime mid October.

I'll be documenting everything about this car from my learning all the features of My Touch to trying to handling the snow on our annual ski trip to Utah.

For those curious about the cost of this new ride, the sticker was around $48,000. Through Costco, the dealer sells them at dealer invoice less $250. So without tax and license, it should be in the low 40's. That is a lot of money but not when compared to its competition: Cayenne, BMW and MBZ. Yes, I dare say it: it competes on paper, with those luxury brands.

I'll start posting my review as soon as I take possession of it.

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Welcome to the forum, langla4... Interested in hearing your eventual comparisons from someone that actually owned one of the machines that Ford was somewhat targeting when they built the Sport. :thumbsup:

If you PM Cory (FordCustSrvc) here on the forum, he will keep you up to date on your vehicle's progress MUCH better than the dealer probably will...

I look forward to read your feedback regarding the Driving of the Explorer Sport. I was able to test drive an Interceptor Version of the Taurus and Explorer. Since according to the specs the brakes are the same or similar to the interceptor, I just can tell you that it was the most impressive feature, it was the stopping power you can expect in Sports Super Cars. Regarding the driving I cannot compare to your new vehicle since the version driven was just a V6. Keep us posted.

Thanks for telling me about Cory. As soon as I have the order number, I 'll ask him to track it. The addition of larger rotors and hopefully shorter stopping distances is huge in my book. I'm amazed that Ford doesn't hype this safety feature more. Lots of PR for the inflatable rear safety belt but almost none on reduced brake fade.

Thanks for telling me about Cory. As soon as I have the order number, I 'll ask him to track it...
I’m sorry for missing this thread, langla4! Shoot me a PM with the order info so I can keep tabs on it for you. :biggthump

...If you PM Cory (FordCustSrvc) here on the forum, he will keep you up to date on your vehicle's progress...
Thanks a bunch for the recommendation, Joe Dirt! :dpchug: