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2017 Platinum Surging and Stalling


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April 4, 2012
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2013 Ford Explorer
Sorry for the long post, please be patient....

Brand new, less than 200 miles on it when this problem started. Noticed at first when driving through the parking lot on day one. Seemed like a trans shifting problem, switching between gears. This is not the same as the problem others have mentioned with cold starts, restarts etc, when it surges for a short time after starting. I had a 2014 sport that did that for three years. This is different.

Same strange "feel" on expressway in cruise. Slowed down behind a vehicle automatically, and then the engine felt like it died right on the highway. I downshifted with the paddles and it seemed to recover. Made me think transmission again.

Got off the expressway and in sport mode would not shift between 3rd and 4th, surged greatly, and then I went back to drive and it was ok again. Stopped at a light a mile down the road, and then when it turned green, in drive, no power at all. Had to feather the gas to get through the intersection. Got home OK.

Recreated the problem that night when playing around shifting in sport mode. Stopped a light this time, and with food on the brake, it was surging at the light, like it wanted to pull away. Kept doing this as I pulled into a lot, and in 1st, drive and in park, the engine just surged about 500 RPM up and down. Shut off, restart and it is fine.

Recreated again on way home. This time engine stalled and would not restart for a few minutes. Got it started and drove it to the dealer.

They say it is a "Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor". On backorder until 10/25. Dealer says it is a redesigned part, not yet released. This seems like a big deal. If it comes in on the 25th, that will be two weeks without my brand new $50K vehicle. Very upset, and not convinced they will fix it.

Anyone else experiencing this type of problem?

Must be a major issue, if they are redesigning the sensor.

If it comes in on the 25th, that will be two weeks without my brand new $50K vehicle.
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