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3rd gen sohc in a 2000?


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February 18, 2010
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Mesa, AZ
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2000 Mountaineer
Hey all, not new to cars but inexperienced with fords... I work with VWs and hondas all day long and was a technician at a mopar dealership for a bit, but have done no more than replacing a t-case and tranny filter on a 95 explorer sport, and regular maintenance on ford products...

I have a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer 4.0 sohc 2wd with 240000 miles, it was making timing chain noises for a while and no compression on cyl 4 for over a year but it was a work truck and had basically no maintenance for atleast 130000 miles... i recommended fixing it over and over but got no results since the owners didnt care.

so the time came for the motor to die... blew a head gasket so the truck is down and that motor is definitely not worth fixing.

now its my truck and i have the motor out of a 03 explorer 4.0 sohc sitting in my garage. the block and heads look similar but valve covers, intake, ps pump, coil pack and so on looks different.

i was wondering if i transfer all these parts, including sensors and everything, would that motor work?