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3rd roof rack cross member?


April 12, 2011
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I had an idea. i was thinking about how to put my spare tire on the roof without having to buy a 400 dollar roof rack. So i was thinking about buying another OE roof rack crossmember. Has anyone thought about this? and if you have done it what did/would you use to mount the tire securely on top?

I ran 3 of them also for a little while. Depending on the weight of the wheel & tire you throw up there, will be a factor on how well it works. For myself, they weren't strong enough.

There is a thread for making a $10 steel light bar. These also work for a stronger support instead of the stock cross bars. Coleman sells a cheap roof basket for around $70, and it works just fine. So, for around $100 you have a safe & secure method of holding your spare. Added bonus to the basket, is the other things it can hold besides the tire.