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5r55e rebuild promblem


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July 24, 2006
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battle ground washington
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98 explorer
I have a 98 ford explorer with a 4.0 o.h.v engine and a 5r55e trans it has the traction on demand transfer case. I bought a rebuilt transmission and installed it .My problem is the tranny ingages in reverse just fine but in the forward gears it slips really bad to the point it is not drivable. I am new to automatic transmission. But I replaced the tourqe converter. i have also adjusted the bands with no luck. I was told that the 5r55e from a O.H.V and a S.O.H.C engine might differ slightly. Does any one now anything about this. Is there some solanoids or othe adjustments i need to change. should i test the pressures to see if the tranny is ok. and can you tell me how to check the pressures. any help with this problem would be highly appreciated cuz i totally in the dark. and the decission to do the work my self is driving me crazy and not looking like it is going to save me any money.

thanks in advance, trlemarr

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Welcome to this forum! Did you flush the lines before installing the rebuilt transmission? It might be possible that some left over junk might have gotten pushed back into the transmission from the cooler. Did you try adjusting the DTR sensor? Do your back up lights turn on when it is in reverse, and turn off in all of the other settings? The speed sensor also determines the shift points, so check that as well.

How do i check the speed sensor. And i have not got it to drive to see if it shifts it barely pulls forward in all gears exept reverse. but i did adjust DTR assuming that was the one with the reverse lights.
thanks for the quick responce. trlemarr

Here is a link to a thread that I wrote about speedometer gears, and vehicle speed sensors: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=158739. Your sensor is on the differential. It is also used for the ABS. Do you have any problems with the ABS, or the speedometer? It might be possible that the rebuilt transmission is defective, or might have valve body issues.

I had a problem with the speedometer previosly but i thought it was in the dash cuz some times when i hit the steering wheel it whould come back on.

thanks again trlemarr

Now it's starting to make sense. There was an article in Gears magazine about some lady that had an intermittent problem with her Ford motor home. The speedometer would go crazy, the cruise control would drop out, and the transmission would shift erratically. She brought it to a few repair shops, and nobody was able to fix it. They replaced the sensor, and it still didn't work right. Since it was an intermittent problem, it made it even harder to fix. Somebody from Gears magazine looked up the color codes, and said that the wiring for the speedometer was channeled through the steering column. When they opened up the column, they saw the wiring being pinched everytime the tilt was moved. This is why the problem was intermittent. It only happened when the column was tilted to a certain position.