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'92 Navajo - Stalling while at idle and acceleration problems


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January 16, 2010
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Orlando, FL
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'93 Navajo
Hi everyone I just got a ('93) Navajo. Been running great, it's a stick 2 wheel. I've ran into a problem. I've noticed while driving the car seems to stall on acceleration. And at lower speeds it bucks. Also sometimes while at idle it stalls. I have seen the battery needle drop while it's trying to stall. But once it stalls I can start it back up no problem. I've been browsing these forums and someone with a similar stalling issue was told to check IAC first.

Thanks Guys!!


*Edited year, my old one was a '92 lol*

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Have you tried to pull any codes? That should be the firs thing to do and check

It could be a sticking IAC. Try cleaning it. Might want to look at the MAF also a cleaning of both would not hurt.

Cool, thx Huntman. I haven't pulled any codes yet. Not sure if mine can read it but also can't find the port.

I tried searching the forums but couldn't find a thread. I also need to buy a book for it too, in the near future.

On your 92 the port for the code reader is on the back side of the power distribution box.

With hood open it will be the Long black box were the relays and some fuses are. The port is on the back side of it.

may not be really easy to find a code reader now days as most now are OB2 and yours is OB1 they were specific to the truck but I believe a Explorer one would work on yours as they are the same

Also use the search as there is a way to also pull them with out a code reader but by counting flashes of a light. I do not know the what’s or how’s of it as I have a reader but I did read about it here one time.

I'm having similar issues. Stalling, rough idle. codes 171 174. Earlier I had to change the ECT sensor (Engine coolent Temperature) sensor. Because it would be hard to start cold. Usually this truck fires right up at the turn of the key.
I've cleaned the IAC and replaced some bad looking hoses. Will look around more tomorrow.

If yours is an OB1 the code 171 is the O2 sensor fault / not switching.
The 174 is the O2 is switching time is slow. To me this sounds like some bad O2 sensors on your truck. May want to check out that system and all others like the ignition and fuel that can affect them.

Cool, I still haven't got the code reader out yet, it's over at my parents and they are kinda a ways away. I got the MAF and IAC out right now and cleaned them. Waiting for them to dry and replace. Strange thing, this is the first time I've delved into the engine since I got it recently, and in the air filter housing there was a cap to a jug lol.

Tomorrow my parents are bringing me my code reader back and I'm going to go to the parts store to pick up a new CPS. Fairly cheap, only $36. The MAF and IAC is roughly 70 and one has an additional $60 core charge so going to clean those first.

Since you mentioned the O2S Huntman I might see how much a new one is. Because I'm going to try the code reader but think it's a year short of my car. It's a ford reader too btw. Might work but I won't know till tomorrow.

I know it's probably time to change that anyway.

The O2's around here are about $55 each plus tax. One time I got some for 25 each and well they only lasted about a year Got them on line and do not remember the name of them and they were for our older Taurus that is the step sons but I will not use cheap one again I do know that.
Also when you have cleaned the MAS or any part like that reset the computer also by pulling the Neg cable (I go ahead and pull both and clean them at the same time it never hurts and they can never be kept to clean I feel) then drive it a bit or at lest run it for some time if you can and reread the codes again. Just fallow your repair manual there great for step by step trouble shooting and that’s better then throwing parts at it and hoping I find.
Good luck

I've made a few trial runs. This is not my primary transportation, so it dosen't get that many miles any more. I think I have solved my idle problem for now. It is performing as it should. Not sure whether it was the hoses or the IAC cleaning that did it though.

95ranger that’s good to here. I believe both could have help to also throw the codes. That’s always why trouble shoot first and read codes then check those systems out saves a lot of part throwing LOL