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93' 2.3L A4LD - Able to use #4 selective washer on center support that uses #5 bearing?


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October 26, 2023
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1993 Ford Ranger 2.3L A4
Hi all,
I am currently rebuilding an A4LD. I have the factory center support (89GT) and recently purchased a "new" OEM one (95GT). The 89GT support of course uses the #3 (Shaft to support / "front") and #4 (support to direct drum / "rear") selective thrust washers. The 95GT however uses a #3 thrust bearing (Shaft to support) and #5 bearing (support to forward clutch i believe). The #4 thrust washer was "eliminated" at some point. I do not have the forward clutch that is machined to take the #5 bearing, it uses a #5 thrust washer. The back of the support seems to be machined to take a #4 thrust washer as well as the #5 bearing on the nose. Can I just leave out the #5 bearing (which goes on the nose of the support) and use a #4 bearing.

NOTE: The only reason I am asking to exclude the #5 bearing is because I cannot find one and it was not included in this model year transmission (1993 2.3L). I see multiple aftermarket center supports that say that a washer or bearing can be used drum side of the support. I just wanted to make sure that the OEM support is the same case. The support says it can be used in all applications of the A4LD 85-95. The GT95 says it uses bearings in the #3 and #4 positions (which must be a typo since I don't believe a bearing technically goes in the #4 position)

There are a few posts in this thread that may be useful:


Check WWW.TransmissionPartsUSA.Com to see if they have these parts in stock. Their website should have details about the year for these washers. Sometimes you have to use different size thrust washers to obtain the correct end play. There's a special end play tool for this job. Check Glacier991's A4LD rebuild diary for more information.