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93 XLT and 99 LTD

It might be time for me to post pictures and introduce myself...

As understood from my login my name is Peter, 35 years, I live in Sweden near the capitol city Stockholm.

My first explorer was bought around three years ago from a friend of mine. The first gen's were never sold here in Sweden so this one was imported from Germany.
Things done with this one so far:
Coils, shocks and add-a-leaf, suspension lift 1.5" comes from roughcountry.
Flowmaster exhaust.
KKM filter.
All the U-joints.
Steering damper.
The infamous shiftmotor plastic little thingy replace.
The governor fix.
I have replaced the A4LD since the old on lost the reverse.
Brakes, brakehoses, pads and rotors. Some hardlines too.
New cooler from the junkyard.
Taillight was busted last year...
New starter some months ago.
CD/MP3/USB Stereo.
Lightning Audio 5x7 speakers.
12" sub in the rear.
Cooper discoverer 31x10.5x15 winther tires.
Super Swampers SSR 32x11.5x15 on AR767 for offroad and daily use.
This spring I will get started with homefab tubebumpers and rocksliders.
The PA793 3" Bodylift is now in place.
The tupperware will be removed.
The elite membership was really worth it, without the info provided here I would be ruined

Since I tend to do more lying under my car instead of driving it I had to get another one so that I am able to get to work, a new daily drive!
This one is a 99 4.0 SOHC limited. I plan to have that one in stock as long as I can...

[EDIT] 04-04-2006
Of course murphy had another direction and plans for me on my 99Ltd...
As soon as I got it home I discovered that idle was erratic when it was below 0 c° and there was a rattle, sounded a bit like a diesel engine at startup.
Id did the 00MK12 kit. (Replacing both timing chain tensioners and replacing upper and lower intake gaskets).
Watch out getting the ignitioncabling squeezed when putting the intake in place again. I had to replace one of mine.

[EDIT] 05-02-2006
After the 00MK12 kit change the engine stalled on idle when it was cold. I have cleaned the IAC and it seems to work better now

I am the only elite member from Sweden! I have probably the only lifted 1st gen in Sweden too.

[EDIT] 05-06-2006
Finally the BL and new tires/rims is on!
I have also started to rustprotect the frame underneath.
Here is a side view from the day the BL came on:


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Very cool! :thumbsup: Glad to have you on the boards - and as an elite. You could of made this your Elite Registry (if you don't have one)... :thumbsup:


Drew, thanks! Hmmm maybe this would be in the Elite registry... If you think that is the place to be then you could move the thread?

1st Time Offroad!

So after a lot of work, and still some things more to do I had to do the first test run offroad. I went to the local club that had newbie-sunday today.
I got me some instructions and guidelines from the more experienced guys and off we went into the wood.
The Explorer was VERY capable! There was no place that I got stuck or needed help. Me and my co-driver (my brother) had a fantastic day!
There were some Land Rovers,Jeeps and Swedish army vehicles too.
I was really surprised that both me and the rig could do things I never would guess of!




After the three hour session there was some cleaning job still left...

Some minor issues though...
The tranny coolerlines felt kind of warm, I will add a secondary cooler and a tempgauge to monitor it. Also there was some bigger "clunks" when going from reverse to first gear. Tsss, tsss hope my second A4LD wont give up on me now...

Next run should be in a few weeks I hope.