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94 Clutch Disk Draging

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March 24, 2011
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Seattle WA
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94 XL 4 Door
I had the Clutch, Master and Slave cylinders replaced. In the morning when it is cold the clutch releases perfectly and shifting in and out of gear is easy. After the car warms up, the thing will not go into gear and if it is in gear when you come to a stop you can hardly get it out. The disk is really dragging. I just turn the car off, go to first gear and restart when it is time to go. Then every once a awhile even after it has warmed up it will go into gear with no problem, but if you let the clutch up and press it back down you are back to not being able to put it in gear. Ford dealer say it is the disk. Race car buddy say Master Cylinder. I wonder if front bearing in transmission is loose enough to let input shaft wobble and disk is wobbling along with it. Or the pilot bearing could be heating and sticking to the transmission input shaft.This is a real unusual problem. The system has been bleed three times. HELP

Slave cylinder
What was it replaced with? Unless it's a Ford OEM part, it's suspect. Aftermarket slaves seem to be hit or miss when used on a Explorer. Ford ones don't seem to have problems.