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95 Limited electronic climate control problems

catfish king

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September 10, 2010
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Villa Rica, GA
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95 Limited
My A/C function cools fine on 60-65 degrees but if you punch it up to 69 degrees it goes nuts! The blend door completely closes and goes to full heat. There's no temperature adjustment at all. I either have full cold or full heat. The numbers change on the panel and all the other functions available are working. The blend door has vacuum and open and shuts fine. The heater control valve under the hood has vacuum and moves back and forth just fine.
I'm lost on this one and need help!

I've answered my own question. It's the blend door actuator. $82 bucks at Ford dealers and they usually have it in stock. One thing I found out. The new actuator comes with a new bracket. After much sweating and swearing, you can't get to the back bolt to the bracket. Pull the new one out of the bracket ands put new one in the exsisting bracket. There's paint on the housing and pin to show where it lines up. Turn the heat up to 90 and the fan to high and you'll be lined up. All the parts houses have the manual control actuator but you'll have to go to Ford for the EATC actuator.