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96 rear hatch won't open


April 18, 2016
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Baltimore md
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96 ford explorer
I have a 96 explorer with keyless entry. well I have a problem. the rear hatch was working fine. but now it won't open. I can hear the actuator in the hatch moving but it won't unlock the hatch. the knob won't even turn. it won't unlock the glass or hatch. Anyone have a idea on what could be broken or how i can get it unlocked?

Try to have someone hold the unlock button down while you open it. If that works, you can take the trim out and check the lock adjustment. Something in the linkage may have also come unclipped. I don't know a trick for getting in then..

yeah tried that and the knob won't even turn

I managed to hit lock/unlock about 20 times in a row and it popped open. When I got it open I lubed the latch assemblies and had no more problems. For the window I took off the rear trim and lubed everything well, the rear window suddenly works. There are quite a few threads with varying solutions here, any one of which might work.