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97 Mountaineer AWD to 4x4 build thread


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May 31, 2011
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Socorro, NM
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97 Mountaineer
I decided i would start the thread for my Manual transfer case conversion in my 97 mercury Mountaineer.

Before i get all my parts together i have a few questions that i couldn't find the answers to:

On my AWD Mountaineer the front axle is engaged all the time because it's all time AWD. So after a manual t-case conversion would i have to figure out a way of installing a switch to disengage and re-engage the front axle? (would i need to somehow convert to manual locking hubs)

After the conversion is done, is there any transmission control module programming that has to be done or ecu programming because of the different t-case?

Can the original t-case skid plate be reused?

T-case to use:
I know that the conversion is done with a BW 4406 manual t-case out of a 97 or 98 f-150.
However, is it possible to use an NP-205 case that is way stronger?
What are common problems with BW 4406 that have occurred after conversion?

How much hammering on the underbody is needed to make the 4406 case fit?