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'98-'00 Trailmaster Lift Update


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July 12, 2000
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The guys at Trailmaster informed me that the reason that the lift has not shipped yet is that they had to redesign one of the brackets. This new design has been excepted by the engineers but Trailmaster has not recivied them from their supplier. Dave at national tire has been very heplful throughout the process. Unfortunately, Trailmaster would not commit to a day that it might be shipped.

I am getting very tired of waiting for this lift. It has been over two months now since I ordered it. I sure hope it is worth it.

I was about to give up on Trailmaster when I saw that Superlift is comming out with a '98-'01 Explorer/SportTrac lift. I called Superlift and they said that it would be at least another month before their lift was released. They did not have any more info about it.

I must have not been paying attention, but how long has Superlift been working on thier lift?

Superlift has definently resparked my interest in getting the 4" lift for my 98, that is since Trailmaster let me down with their never to be delivered promises.

Does anyone have an opinion on Superlift products.

Thanks for your opinions,
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Did you check out the SEMA coverage at http://www.explorer4x4.com/sema00.html ? There were at least a half dozen Sport Tracs with the Superlift kit. You're correct about the date of release for the Superlift kit. It should be out by the beginning of the year according to my sources at the SEMA show.

I talked to the Pres. of Trailmaster at the SEMA show and as usual he was talking out of his ***. He claims 300 units have shipped, and there aren't anymore problems with the product or delivery. I asked him who got the 300 units and he wouldn't say. I told him that you ordered one as soon as National Tire advertised it and were still waiting and he had nothing to say to that either.

The race is on... Superlift or Trailmaster who will be first to market with a product??