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adding a sub to the mach system

J Zee109

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September 27, 2002
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1998 Mounty
I'm considering buying my mom's 98 Mounty off her. In my Explorer right now, I have 2 10's and an amp with an aftermarket headunit. The Mounty has the Mach stereo system. If I were to replace the Mach head unit with mine, and add my subs too it, would it effect the quality of the Mach speakers. Also, is there any way to keep the stock Mach CD Player/Head Unit and add subwoofers and an amp to it?

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u can add the subs and anp to it theres verious threads describing that but the quality of the subs would degrade and from what i have heard a good set of after market speakers blows the mach system away..but u would losse the cd changer

i just saw u have the 903 pan thats the deck i was thinbking of getting and from what i hear its a great deck it also hase 5v pre outs so ur amp is running really well with the current setup u would notice quite a bit of difference going to the mach HU

Any other opinions? I also would be putting Infinity's all around from my Explorer.

I have added 2 Rockford Subs and 1000w amp to my factory JBL system if you have a good audio place do the install it will sound great, But if you use junk amps and subs forget it, To add to the system you need to get hi-lo converters

I'm pretty good with car audio I would do the install myself. What is a hi-lo converter. My system isn't junk equipment either, its RF.

the hi low converter is if you arent using an aftermarket deck with sub preouts, you need to lower the signal coming off the deck or rear speakers whatever your using, otherwise if you just amp the subs off the stock system it would overpower the regular speakers

alright thanks for that info. I would be using an aftermarket head unit though. To install that, do I need a special wiring harness so it can be hooked up in place of the stock Mach HU?

Scrap everything and replace it if you can. The Mach setup is only slightly better then the piss poor sotck (non mach) stereo.

You will be much happier.;)

yah theres a wireing harness if u need to use the stock power ground..and speaker wires

I already have all of the components to replace everything, I was just making sure swapping everything is possible without having to replace all the wires, amp, and everything else.

I would bypass the factory amp and run new wires from the aftermarket headunit to the aftermarket speakers.

How would I go about bypassing the factory amp and subwoofer?

Originally posted by J Zee109
How would I go about bypassing the factory amp and subwoofer?

Just don't use them. Install all aftermarket equipment and abandon the factory crap in place.