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How to: A4LD transmission rebuild diary

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cant locate a parts place

I cant seem to find a place to buy parts online
I go to transmission specialties and they don't show
A4LD parts
Where can I buy sonnex parts like
56600B-01K kit

the fastest speed i can go is 45 mph, any faster and the a4ld begins to fight against its self. on disassembly i noticed that the intermediate drum would not completely seat together. (its the kind that locks together with tabs) could this be due to overheating causing it or a part of its contents to be out of round? why won't it seat completely? i counted/felt the frictions all engage but yet the assembly will not seat together completely. any suggestions could be apreciated

A misbehaving Ranger

Hey everyone , New to the Forum .

I have a 94 Ford Ranger XLT with an A4LD 4x4 transmission. Two years ago my father was driving this truck when we figure the front seal loosened up , it began dripping transmission fluid in mass from the front seal. He got it home and parked it for the night , the whole tiime home the transmission was slipping.

Next morning , he walked out there to start his truck and it wouldn't drive forward or in reverse , we had to push it into a new parking slot off to the side of everything to make room for her.. He parked it thinking it would be a thousand dollar job and he didn't have the money for it .

Well , two years later and now its my problem. I picked it up from him for a trade. Threw a battery in it and it started right up. Put it in reverse first and pulled it out of the rutts .. then in drive . It pulled forward just fine. I know it needs atleast a torque converter because I can feel it slipping. I test drove it around and up to 55 I noticed it was running high . I went up to 65 and it still wasn't shifting into OD while in OD. The front seal leak hasn't been seen agian , nor has turned up in significant test drives and letting it run . Anybody have any idea about this ghostly transmission ? Help would be much appreciated. Me and a Buddy of mine who is home from the Marines are getting geared up to tear it out and rebuild it with a Master Rebuild Kit , So As long as I get posts I will keep everyone updated and put some pictures up of her . Thanks !!

Interesting. Let us know what happens.

Alright Guys , heres and update on the Ranger issue.

After a test drive with my mechanic we have ruled out the solenoid . We know the torque converter is bad. The front seal leak and transmission not engadging was due to Burned Transmission fluid . Its not the 3-4 shift solenoid because its going into 3rd atleast. So for the OD problem that leaves more then likely , wiring , the servo .. or the band. Tommarow morning we start the rebuild so if anybody has any recomendations on this. The guys are Ford gave this truck a really bad rep when we went in asking questions . The main recommendation from them was scrap the truck and forget about it. So if anybody has any help let me know.

I broke an intermediate band in the 94 A4LD. I am shopping for a kit for it.

What do you guys think of this one?

Or this one?

There are soft kits, and they have a variety of types with different parts in them. Kits with steels, with clutches, master, super, etc..

I really don't know which to get to do this. Any help in the right direction is appreciated.

87 Ranger 4X4 2.9l FI

Okay after spending the last three hours reading through this post, decided maybe I should just ask for advice and direction...

A4LD transmission, reverse went out...drove that way for about a year, then on way to work heard a "pop" and to the side of the road we coasted.

Now ready to do the overhaul, but not sure where to start or better, where to stop.

What do I NEED to do the overhaul? Just want to get it upgraded to the point the rest of the 87 truck will allow. Not looking a changing out a bunch of electronics or anything, just rebuild trannie and put it back.

Will be going through the rebuild post, but noticed this was started in 2004, so are there any additional things I need to be aware of. Going to take my time, truck has been sitting for about six months now, so a few more isn't going to hurt it any! :)

Thanks in advance, for helping this old farm boy, retired Marine, like to do things myself, to cheap to pay someone else..... person out. :salute:

New to the forum. I am in the process of trying to get the front pump seal to stay in a freshly rebuilt A4LD in a 90 Ranger 4X4. New pump bushing, seal and rebuilt torque converter were installed. Alignment tool was used to align the pump. Trans worked great for about 30 miles then we decided to give the hill test. The hill is around a 5% grade on a freeway so we cruising at 75 when started up, around halfway up...the seal blew out. The same place that seal blew out that caused the rebuild.

Flex plate and spacer looked good. although they are the old .080 flex plate and powder metal spacer. I have read a ton of stuff on this site (rebuild diary) and was wondering if anybody has found any new problems that may contribute to the seal failure? like leaking spacer plate between the pump and the return circuit for the front seal? that may add extra lube/pressure during WOT operation?

Radiator was replaced a little over a year ago. Fan clutch was replaced about a month ago. Checked coolant level after the seal blew out again and it was full. It did seem to be running a little cool....Does the cooling system have something to with the in tank trans cooler? Is there a by pass in the trans cooling system?

Bump for a great thread, and for anyone rebuilding an A4LD, or even the later 4R44E or 5R55E. Many of the tools are the same to rebuild those versions.