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A4LD Valve Body Rebuild Diary

The Sonnax part? I still don't see it.
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56947-01 A4LD Manual valve index sleeve.
This sleeve fits over the manual valve, and prevents the valve from moving past the land position. It helps prevent a reverse delay & forward clutch failure.

in post12 he said he took it out but never showed it.so it just fits over the end?
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Here are some pictures:





sweet thanks man
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Glacier, did you ever finish your poor mans A4LD rebuild?

Regarding the manual valve, what is its correct position in Park? I have three A4LD's at the moment which I am studying and building one out of them. They all put the manual valve in slightly different position because of play in the linkages. Is there a measure or a way of telling it from the position of the spools inside the valve body?

There is a part which locks in a notch when it's in park. Take a look at part # 991-2: (dead link)

Maybe the question was a bit obscure, I was wondering the distance that the Sonnax manual valve sleeve limits the movement to. It is possible to wiggle the valve back and forth sligthly even the selector link 991-3 isn't moving.

Compare the manual slide valve (part # 741M) holes on all of them to see if the holes are the same or slightly egg shaped.


The transgo pack has a washer with the orange and green springs. You mentioned it was for the TCC solenoid. However, when viewing the pictures of the soloenoids, it showed no washer. Where does the washer go?

In response to Hessu's question, the effect of the Sonnax part for the manual valve os to center the rod in the hole in the valve, which can become elongated and allow slop in the manual valve position. With the addition of the Sonnax part the positioning is positive and there is no slop. It does not act as a "limiter" as you mention..

I am done installing the transgo kit and have a question.
The instructions from the transgo kit say to add a 5th check ball. After opening my transtec overhaul kit to get my gaskets out. I read the supplied reading from ATSG and it states that there is three types of valve body designs (one more than the shift kit says) and not to add the 5th ball. The difference is the reverse engagement valve and mine has it, it is out of a 95 Aerostar. I am ready to put the thing back into the trans and get it ready for the 92 Ex.
So what would you do, add the ball or not?

Call TransGo, they usually answer their tech lines. Ask them about that other VB type.

TransGo 2 solenoid A4LD valve body diagram.


Thank you for the picture. That is a nice piece of information to have.
After searching "checkball" I finally got an answer. For 4.0's use only 4 balls, as per ATSG manual (pic was included). I still will call TransGo just to see what their opinion is on the subject. I will post their suggestion when I get it.

On a side note...
I called a local transmission shop today looking for the 5th ball and the guy gave me a bag with 6 brown balls in it. My transmission had black balls in it and they were the same size as the others but softer. I went with the original ones but I am wondering if there really would be much of a difference.

There are different materials such as Viton or Teflon, so they may vary.

Called TransGo and the tech was very sure about adding the checkaball, especially when drilling the separator plate out to .089. If I didn't drill it out I think I would have left the ball out.

A4LD reverse engagement control valve.

Here's another diagram that you might find useful:

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A4LD valve body break out view (2 solenoids).