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AAL and Warrior shackle install..any pointers?


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April 20, 2010
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99 Limited 5.0
Hoping to do the AAL and Shackle install next weekend. Any pointers before I attempt? Ive read the how-to's multiple times.

Also, I want to swap the springs side to side, shouldnt be that bad with just one more bolt on each side to take out. Will I run into any problems with the alignment of the rear axle after removing both leafs? Thats really my main concern.

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As long as you read and follow the guides and stay safe, you'll be fine.

I need to tackle this project soon too. Haven't had time though but I have shackles lying around.

I don't think there's any adjustment. You get what you get in the end.

Hopefully all your bolts come out. My right rear had to be cut/chiseled/burned out.

I pray that I dont need to do that! I should have done this over summer when the truck was parked for a few months. Now I need to start driving it so I can put the summer cars away.

PB blaster on all the bolts you'll need to remove. Start a couple of days in advance. Spray them a few times each day. Have a mini sledge hammer and drift to knock out any stubborn bolts.

Is there enough room to swing the hammer? Id look myself but I dont have the truck with me.