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AC Recirculation Door


July 3, 2009
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Glendale, California
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2002 Explorer Limited
Hi All,

Having an issue with the recirculation option in my 02 Explorer (dual zone automatic). When I hit the recirculation button, the vents in the front close off and the recirculation door does not cover the fresh air opening behind the glovebox. There is not ticking sound from the actuator and it seems to be working fine. I cant tell if the recirc door fell down ontop of the blower motor? But why would that cause the front air vent flap to come down AND BLOCK AIRFLOW(AS IF YOU ARE ONLY WANTING AIR TO BE BLOWING TO THE FEET). I did notice an electrical connecter (6 pin with only 5 pins in use) on the left side of the blower/recirculation box that is not connected to anything. Cant recall if that was always the case or if something was plugged into it at one point, but I cant seem to find anything to plug into it.

Please Help :)