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Air intake and updated stock bumper question

October 28, 2009
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Corpus Christ, TX
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'98 Explorer XLT
got 2 questions here
1. i got a 5.0 98 ex and im lookin for a good cold air system

2. im really liking the 99-01 ex's front bumpers, with the foglight setup, and im just wondering if you guys think it would be possible to do a mod on a 98 to get one of those 99 bumpers on.

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The bumper will bolt right on,it is the exact same mounting.Good luck findin one at the junkyard,your not the first guy to realize how much better they look!:usa:

Yup direct bolt-on you may want to place a wanted ad here on the forum and scour the junkyards and and

dangg thanks guys
that cold air looks good
and i found some new bumpers over at

I personally would look at a junkyard first because you maybe able to fine a rear ended or side hit explorer with a nice front bumper for much less than LMC truck.