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Amplifier Ground Problem...

January 11, 2002
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Albuquerque, NM, USA
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1993 Explorer EB 4x4
I am having problems finding a ground for my amplifier. I am installing a kenwood amp which requires two separate grounding points (one to the negative battery terminal and one to the chassis). The ground to the chassis doesn't seem to be working, under the rear passenger seat. Can someone please tell me where a good grounding point is? Thanks.

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is your chassis ground to the passenger seat mounts or directly to the floor? Mine is in that area via a screw directly into the floor and it works.

My first install used a ground that was between the rear seat mounting bracket and the seatbelt mount, at the point where the two connect with that huge torx bolt... It worked fine for me too. Did you make sure to sand that area really well so that no paint is left and only bare metal is exposed?

There can't be any paint there either. The surface has to be bare.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I haven't sanded down the area, so I'll give that a shot.

2 Grounds?

Does anybody know if you can just put both grounds to the neg. terminal of the battery? Since it is already ran that would seem to be the easiest.

grounding to the battery is fine IMO.

either way works because the battery is connected to the chassis.

grounding to the battery negative will cause noise. you want the ground wire to be as short as possible. less then 2 feet is preferred. a longer wire means higher current draw. this also means hotter wires and components of both your audio system and your electrical system. heat is the enemy;)