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Audio System Questions

So I ended up just swapping out head units, and just by doing that it already sounds a lot better, and now I can play my Ipod through both sides of the car.....

Sorry im just now getting back to this thread, i have the pioneer 3300ub. If i remember correctly.. Lol. But i just got a new box made, and its a whole lot louder now. But ive noticed one weird thing recently i dont know if its always happened, but my bass seems to increase when i hit my brakes. Maybe im just going crazy.

The possibility of going crazy always seems to hit me. I really don't know too much about electronics or things like this, but if it seems like the bass is increasing when your braking it's either the first choice, maybe your battery is old, alternator might be going bad. Like I said I don't know anything about these kinds of things just possible ideas. Last thing I could think about is just less airflow so it seems like bass gets louder. If anyone has actual help please don't make fun of me to much =\. Any info for this guy is appreciated though!