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Be careful: "premium" and "Mach" head-units look identical

I never got any letter from the credit card company or anything... they just took the money, paypal is steal dealing and as for Scott... nothing... not a word... scumbag


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I'm still hoping that this will work out for you.

Any news from the sheriff yet?

I have to go to my local police detachment and give a formal statement before they can do anything, my local officer has already been in touch, so, Monday, I'm going down to speak with them and get the ball rolling.


Good luck! I hope they can help.

x2 ^^^^^^

Good news... I got an email from paypal today... I won!! I'm getting all my money back and Mr Paypal-Scammer here got what he paid for.

I am happy.



Glad it all worked out for you. Sucks you had to go through all that for it though.

This is great news, Si! It's nice to see the good guy finish first for once.

Glad to see it worked out for you. :thumbsup:

That's awesome, the good guy finally wins one.

Good for you, Si. It's about time. Congrats!

Glad to hear that it finally worked out:chug: The OP has been banned.

Thanks guys, and Thanks Rick... seems the site has had it's fair share of scumbags this year...


Mach stereo

Could you get a 2000 Limited with either unit? Do they both have the rds button?

So, is there a way to tell the Premium stereo from the Mach stereo by anything on the front? (this RDS button vs. the CLK button)?

I am wanting to play music from my phone, and am looking at the possibilities. So far, I have learned I may not have the Mach stereo like I always thought, and to even install an Aux input I would lose my 6 disc changer.

If I had the Mach stereo, it feels like a waste to change it out, but on the same note I don't want to lose my 6 disc changer.

What are your experiences on this?

Thank You in advance!;)

1999 Ford Explorer XLT